Budget Cuts Delayed A Day Before Release

by Jamie Feltham • May 30th, 2018

Just a day before its long-anticipated release, Neat Corporation has delayed its VR stealth game, Budget Cuts, again.

Taking to Reddit, the team’s Freya Holmér explained that the studio needed extra time to fix several bugs that it had been aware of for some time. Right now the team estimates that it may take another one to two weeks to be ready to launch the full version, though also acknowledged it may take longer.

“It’s very hard to predict when the issues we’re facing have many unknown variables and moving parts, which is why we’re not ready with a specific release date,” Holmér wrote. “Maybe we’ll time it perfectly with E3, to make sure our game will be drowned out by all of the other announcements!”

UploadVR received a review code for Budget Cuts last week but Neat Corporation explained that it was an earlier version of the game than the one planned for release, and was bound to have bugs. After playing the game for several hours, we encountered several major issues, including regular hard crashes, that prevented us from getting too far into the story. We decided not to issue a final verdict until we knew if the full consumer build would also feature these same issues. You can see our review-in-progress with initial impressions right here.

In her post, Holmér cited several issues that Neat Corporation was already aware of, including “progression-blocking bugs” that had been “on our radar for a while” but were yet to be fixed. Other issues include framerate drops with the Oculus Native build of the game, which we also encountered, and problems with audio performance and occlusion culling.

“We’ve worked hard on this game for such a long time now, we’re so very excited to finally get it into your hands!” Holmér explained. “However, we’d hate to have all it diminished by a laggy experience, especially the ones we could fix with just a little bit more time. I hope this is all understandable. We’re just as disappointed about delays and framerate issues as you are.”

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