Star Wars: Project Porg Coming To Magic Leap One From ILMxLab

by Ian Hamilton • October 10th, 2018

Update: At the first ever LEAP Con developer conference, Magic Leap and ILMxLAB announced that Star Wars: Project Porg is releasing for Magic Leap One in December of this year.

Original on 10/09/18: The first developer conference for Magic Leap is kicking off in Los Angeles today and creators who had early access to the AR glasses are starting to show off their experiments.

The biggest partner to announce a project for Magic Leap One Creator Edition so far is ILMxLab, which made the experimental Star Wars: Project Porg. More details are expected during Magic Leap’s keynote on Wednesday. For now, ILMxLab only released the following description:

“You will need to gain the trust and affection of your porgs by offering them treats and playing with them. Teach them how to maneuver real-world environments with care instructions from Star Wars’ most meticulous droid, C-3PO.“

That’s sounds like a pretty standard pet simulator for Magic Leap One but we’ll be curious to see what sort of intelligence the Porg might appear to have with a working knowledge of your environment provided by the headset. Then again, Porgs aren’t very smart so lack of intelligence in their AR renditions might actually be a good thing? We’ll report back hands-on impressions as soon as we can.

ILMxLab is describing Project Porg as an experimental demo. That suggests a project at a different stage of development as compared with Vader Immortal — the forthcoming Star Wars Project premiering first on Oculus Quest.

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