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Best PSVR Games Of E3 2017
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Public Access E3 ‘Gamer Passes’ Go On Sale Feb. 12

Last year E3 opened its doors to the public for the first time in years with thousands of non-industry attendees packing the halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center.  In [...]

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Hands-On: Moss Proves VR Doesn’t Need First-Person To Feel Magical

Editor’s Note: This is our preview of Moss from E3. The same demo is now being shown at the PlayStation Experience (PSX), so we thought we’d show you our [...]

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Hands-On: Bravo Team Is Basically Time Crisis In VR With The Aim Controller

During Sony’s E3 2017 press conference a whole slew of new PSVR games were announced from the perplexing sidescroller Star Child, to the unnerving and creepy The [...]

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Hands-On: Space Junkies Is A Fast-Paced Zero-G Shooter With Jetpacks

This year’s E3 seemed to have more games that were announced after press conferences were over than ever before. In the past it felt like if you watched a [...]

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Hands-On: Lone Echo’s Multiplayer Arena Is Like Zero Gravity Ultimate Frisbee In VR

One day, mankind will colonize another planet. Some time after that, the inhabitants of this planet will have kids, and then they will send those kids to summer camp. And [...]

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PSVR’s Aim Controller Adds A New Layer To ROM: Extraction

At E3 last week in Los Angeles Sony’s media showcase included a demo of ROM: Extraction paired with the PSVR’s Aim Controller — adding a cool new element [...]

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E3 2017: Hands-On With The Creepy World Of The Inpatient

I love scary games. Resident Evil 7 is probably my favorite VR game to date and is very likely my overall favorite game this year that isn’t part of the Zelda [...]

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Skyrim VR: Before And After Differences Of 100+ Mods
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Oculus Faces ‘Existential Crisis’ In Handling Personal Data
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Alien: Descent Is A Xenomorph-Slaying Four-Player Location-Based VR Experience

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God of War: Mimir’s Vision Is PlayStation’s First AR Tie-In App
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40 Amazing Must-Have Skyrim VR PC Mods To Make Tamriel Even Better
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Hands-On: Failspace Feels Like Job Simulator Meets Star Trek: Bridge Crew

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TPCast’s Wireless Multi-User VR Kit Launches In Europe
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Eminem’s Coachella Set Let Fans Watch In AR
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Campfire Creepers Brings Classic Horror To VR Produced By Oculus

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