Oculus Touch vs. HTC Vive – Which Is The Better VR Controller?
Inside The Growing Rift Between Valve And Oculus
Dealing With Harassment in VR
Commentary: Oculus Wasn’t Prepared For Room Scale With Rift CV1
Field in View: Sony Isn’t Giving Up On PS VR, But Pacing Is A Problem
UploadVR’s 2016 Game of the Year Winners
OTOY Is Building One of VR’s Most Important Technologies
Field In View: Why Sony Failed To Impress This VR Enthusiast With Its PlayStation 4 Pro
Microsoft May Leapfrog Facebook and Google in VR With HoloLens Tracking
Field In View: So, Where Was Oculus At CES 2017?
VR in 2016: PlayStation VR And The Mainstream Dream
Field in View: What’s The Best VR To Show Friends And Family This Holiday?
Why I Joined the VR Revolution
An Open Letter to Steven Spielberg – Different Doesn’t Equate to “Dangerous”
VR in 2016: HTC’s $799 Vive Brings Belief To VR Skeptics
Field in View: With $500 Million Worth Of Hindsight, Does Mark Zuckerberg Regret Buying Oculus?
Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality are the 4th Wave of Digital Technology
Deafening Silence: Where Is Valve’s ‘Killer App’ VR Game We’ve All Been Waiting For?
A New Era: Women Working in VR
On The Yellow Brick Road of VR Storytelling, Virtual Reality Still Needs to Find Its Heart
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6 Reasons Why China is Leading VR Growth Worldwide

During the Fall, I was invited by Tsinghua, “China’s MIT”, to design a new blend of curriculum for their students. In a country where education is characterized by a [...]

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Field in View: Microsoft And Sony Are Set To Battle For VR Dominance At E3 2017

As usual, Microsoft is firing first with its press conference this E3, but it’s doing so even earlier than anticipated. While the company usually rules the headlines [...]

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Field in View: Valve, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Sony – Who Believes What’s Best For VR?

I think it’s time to get things in order a little. To my mind, there are now five major companies publicly involved in the development of the VR ecosystem. Not just [...]

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Roomscale VR is Great, But the Gamepad isn’t Going Anywhere

For many people, the end-all be-all of virtual reality is being able to get up and move around inside of a digital space with roomscale. With the HTC Vive, you set up [...]

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Field in View: With $500 Million Worth Of Hindsight, Does Mark Zuckerberg Regret Buying Oculus?

I have to admit that the complexities of the Oculus/ZeniMax legal battle had me wanting to stray away from the topic for this week’s column, but as I was pondering [...]

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3 Great Games To Get Fit Using Virtual Reality

It’s hard to be on the web these days and not see something about the impact of virtual reality on just about any industry, or the next big wave in VR in general. [...]

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Field in View: Sony Isn’t Giving Up On PS VR, But Pacing Is A Problem

Look, I get it, it’s been a rough start to the year of PlayStation VR. A few weeks of drought finally ended last Tuesday when Resident Evil 7 launched, and the lack of big [...]

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VR Cast: Is Oculus a Hardware Manufacturer or a Research Company?
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Man Reports Sensation In Missing Fingers Using Oculus Touch
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Valve Shows ‘Cheaper, Smaller, Lighter’ Next Generation Base Station Prototype

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IMAX Launches High-Tech Centers That Make Trying VR a Movie-Like Experience
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Oculus: 2017 Rift Lineup Will Bring the ‘Depth’ of AAA Console/PC Games to VR
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VR Cast: State of the Industry – Are 6.3 Million Headsets Enough?

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Mark Zuckerberg Teases Glove-Based Advanced Hand Tracking Research From Oculus
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We Tried an Underwater VR Headset, and it Worked
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Hands-On: Project CARS 2 Could Be The Best VR Racing Sim Ever

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Oculus Studios Promises ‘Months Of High Profile Rollouts’, Here’s What’s Coming
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