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Inside The Growing Rift Between Valve And Oculus
Dealing With Harassment in VR
Commentary: Oculus Wasn’t Prepared For Room Scale With Rift CV1
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UploadVR’s 2016 Game of the Year Winners
PSVR’s Growing Pains May Finally Be At An End
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VR in 2016: PlayStation VR And The Mainstream Dream
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See Whac-A-Mole In AR With This Black Mirror-Inspired HoloLens Prototype

Editor’s Note: In this weekly column, David Robustelli will breakdown the latest rapid prototype he and his team at CapitolaVR have created for VR and/or AR. They are [...]

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Community Download: Will Microsoft’s Headsets Be Upstarts Or Afterthoughts For VR?

Microsoft is partnering with manufacturers like Acer, Lenovo, and HP to create a new line of virtual reality headsets. These devices will be competitively priced, at around [...]

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How Augmented Reality Can Make Aviation Safer and Better

Let’s face it, we all have daydreamed of sitting in a cockpit and roaming the wild, blue yonder. It’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t have been fascinated by aviation at [...]

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Field in View: Why The Aim Controller Is PSVR’s Secret Weapon

For VR to be as immersive as possible, it needs to be accessorized. Position tracked controllers do a great job of simulating certain objects like pistols, swords, and [...]

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What Oculus Story Studio Taught Us About VR Storytelling

So here’s a confession: before Oculus announced it was closing down Oculus Story Studio last week, I hadn’t actually seen any of the team’s VR movies from [...]

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Marvel’s VR Game: What We Want From An Ultimate X-Men Experience

When it comes to gaming, Marvel is finally getting its act together. After years of pouring its efforts into the mobile market with its licensed heroes like Spider-Man and [...]

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Editorial: Smartphones Won’t Be Replaced By VR And AR Headsets, Yet

The smartphone has become the central personal computing device of the last 10 years and it has already started to show signs of slowing. However, last quarter smartphones [...]

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Report: Samsung To Reveal UHD Display Primed For VR Today
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Microsoft Research Reveals New, Slimmed Down AR Glasses
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Oculus v1.15 Update Adds Full Room Scale Support, Rolling Out Now

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HTC Releasing ‘Standalone’ Google Daydream VR Headset ‘Later This Year’
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Report: VR And AR Developers Aren’t Making Enough Money To Justify Investments
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Field in View: Why The Aim Controller Is PSVR’s Secret Weapon

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The VR Spec Sheet: Rift, Vive, PSVR, Acer And HP Compared
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Microsoft Reveals Motion Controllers For Windows VR Headsets
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HP and Acer VR Headsets Available For Pre-Order Today Starting At $300

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Here’s Every Game That Supports PSVR’s New Aim Controller
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