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Echo Arena Update Teases Echo Combat, Improves Lobby

Ready at Dawn’s hit multiplayer VR game, Echo Arena, is still going strong with free updates, and the most recent one is something fans should definitely check [...]

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Apex Construct Getting New Content, Boxed Edition

Haven’t picked up Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct, yet? You’ve got two more reasons to do so right now.

Fast Travel recently confirmed that its [...]

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World Engine NeosVR Launches Beta May 4

One of VR’s most ambitious and longest-gestating projects is heading toward a beta launch on May 4, and its creator is looking for supporters on Steam and [...]

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Descent Spiritual Successor Overload Getting VR-Enabled Full Release Soon

Six degrees of freedom (6DOF) shooters seem to work pretty well in VR, provided you have the stomach for them. If you’re a fan of the genre, then there’s a big [...]

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WipEout VR And Other PSVR Exclusives Get Permanent Price Drop

After Sony slashed the price of the PSVR by a whole $100, they’ve now gone ahead and permanently dropped the price of some of the platform’s very best games, [...]

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Hellfire Is A Multiplayer Update For Mech Combat Game Archangel Coming This June

What’s the only possible thing that could ever be better than piloting a mech and blowing stuff up? Well, not being locked to an on-rails only experience is a good [...]

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Ready Player One Film Passes $500 Million Worldwide

Ready Player One, the Steven Spielberg film based on Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel of the same name, is a veritable success having now earned over $500 million globally. [...]

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Leap Motion VP: ‘AR And VR Will Have To Make Do With Sound And Vision For The Foreseeable Future’
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Steven Spielberg Says He Played Mario On PSVR And The Internet Is Confused
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Here’s How Developing For Oculus Go Differs From Gear VR

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Skyrim VR: Before And After Differences Of 100+ Mods
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HTC Vive Pro Is $1,400 With Controllers And New Base Stations
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Oculus Faces ‘Existential Crisis’ In Handling Personal Data

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Alien: Descent Is A Xenomorph-Slaying Four-Player Location-Based VR Experience
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God of War: Mimir’s Vision Is PlayStation’s First AR Tie-In App
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40 Amazing Must-Have Skyrim VR PC Mods To Make Tamriel Even Better

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Hands-On: Failspace Feels Like Job Simulator Meets Star Trek: Bridge Crew
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