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Superman And Wonder Woman Star In New Six Flags VR Roller Coaster

It’s time to suit up and uh, sit down? Six Flag’s newest VR roller coaster will let you take to the skies with both Superman and Wonder Woman.

Debuting [...]

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The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 04/01/18

If, like us, you’re still playing Wipeout VR, then you might not be too interested in this week’s releases. That said, there are a few that you should [...]

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Google’s Amazing VR Spotlight Stories Are Getting Their Own Art Book and Exhibition

If you own a VR headset of any kind there’s a good chance you’ve checked out one of Google’s amazing Spotlight Stories. These animations, developed by a [...]

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11 Amazing Places We Can’t Wait To Explore in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in 2017 before the PSVR version of Skyrim VR launched, but has been republished before the release of Skyrim VR on [...]

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Ready Player One Movie Review

Ready Player One occupies an important position in pop culture. Roddenberry’s Holodeck defined VR for much of the ’90s and, by the year 2000, the Wachowski’s Matrix [...]

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5 Major Changes Between The Ready Player One Book And Movie

Other than pretty much every plot point and story beat, the book and movie for Ready Player One are mostly the same…sort of. That isn’t to say that one is [...]

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The Gallery Episode 2, Gravity Sketch, More Win $50,000 At Viveport Developer Awards

HTC’s Viveport Developer Awards rounded out for the second time last week at GDC, with some of VR’s best experiences winning a heap of cash.

First place [...]

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Oculus Faces ‘Existential Crisis’ In Handling Personal Data
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Alien: Descent Is A Xenomorph-Slaying Four-Player Location-Based VR Experience
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God of War: Mimir’s Vision Is PlayStation’s First AR Tie-In App

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40 Amazing Must-Have Skyrim VR PC Mods To Make Tamriel Even Better
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Hands-On: Failspace Feels Like Job Simulator Meets Star Trek: Bridge Crew
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TPCast’s Wireless Multi-User VR Kit Launches In Europe

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Eminem’s Coachella Set Let Fans Watch In AR
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Campfire Creepers Brings Classic Horror To VR Produced By Oculus
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Get Lenovo’s Windows VR Headset For Just $199 Today

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Ready Player One’s Oasis Beta Launches On Oculus Rift
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