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I Played Superhot VR With A New Windows Headset And It Was Impressive

Having played through Superhot VR twice now on Rift and PSVR, and speaking with the world record speedrun holder, I consider myself something of an expert on the stylish [...]

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Dimension Hunter Review: Simple, Stylish VR Shooting

It’s taken a bit longer than expected, but Pocket Money Games’ Dimension Hunter is finally here. I was impressed with what I played of the opening level earlier [...]

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Raw Data Officially Launches This October On Rift, Vive, And PSVR

Finally, at long last, Raw Data is exiting Early Access. The fast-paced action game by Survios that’s become synonymous with intense action in virtual reality is [...]

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First Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero DLC Gameplay Promises Explosions And Punching

Hungry for more Resident Evil 7 VR? We are too, and its new DLC looks very promising.

When Capcom’s survival horror game debuted last January, it promised a [...]

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Check Out The Latest Trailer For Ace Combat 7

EGX 2017 kicks off today and brings with it a handful of new trailers. One such clip is for one of our most anticipated PSVR compatible games: Ace Combat 7.

Check [...]

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Neko Atsume Gets A VR Adaptation Because Cats

Neko Atsume, the international phenomenon that captivated cat-lovers around the world, is getting a PlayStation VR (PSVR) adaptation next year in 2018. We know absolutely [...]

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Check Out The PSVR Segment From The Tokyo Game Show

Sony presented at the Tokyo Game Show with a new look at its coming lineup of PSVR games.

Sony is hoping for a strong holiday for PlayStation VR with a new bundled [...]

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HTC Getting $1.1 Billion Injection From Google To Aid VR And Phone Business
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Check Out The PSVR Segment From The Tokyo Game Show
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Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR Platform Launching This Holiday For $199

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Hands-On With The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of The Emberstone’s VR Adventure
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HTC Stock Trading Halted, Speculation Builds Of Google Sale
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LG Patents VR Display For ‘Alleviating Screen-Door Effect’

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LG SteamVR Headsets Resurfaces At Korean VR Festival
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The 2017 Virtual Reality Conference and Expo Schedule
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Duck Season Review: A Nightmare On 8-Bit Street

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Onward Field Guide: Tips and Strategies for New Players
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