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Hands-On: Sandbox VR Delivers Fun And Adaptable Location-Based VR Gaming

When I first tried The Void’s Star Wars installation at Disney World earlier this year, it totally blew me away. I loved how intricately detailed the in-game [...]

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How Sinespace May Have Already Beaten Linden Lab To The Second Life Of VR

The first time I played Second Life I saw someone flying down the street naked over an impromptu group of strangers engaged in a poetry reading session right in the middle [...]

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AltspaceVR Debuts New Hangout Space, New Games, And Leadership Program

When AltspaceVR was shutting down, I felt a bit emotional about it. I’ve always loved MMOs, the communities they develop, and the people that play them, so when the [...]

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Facebook Account Required To Use Oculus Venues

Oculus Venues launched today on Go and Gear VR as a gateway to live VR entertainment such as concerts, comedy shows, sports games, and more. However, unhappy users have [...]

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The Best Free Oculus Go Games And Apps To Download Right Now

With over 1,000 apps already available to download, Oculus Go owners are pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to experiences. Facebook’s first standalone VR [...]

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The 25 Best Must-Download Oculus Go Games And Apps

Now that Oculus Go is finally here that means thousands (or hopefully millions) of people will soon have the most accessible way of experiencing VR at the ready no matter [...]

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Oculus Rooms Gets Impressive Update For Go Launch

After watching the Ready Player One film in theaters I’m more convinced than ever that the secret to VR’s success is going to be establishing a go-to social [...]

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Hands-On: The Persistence Is A Tense, Sci-Fi VR Roguelike
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Marvel VR: Every Hero, Villain And Location Explained
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Spider-Man and Wolverine Confirmed In Marvel: Powers United VR Trailer

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Beat Saber Update Adds Hidden Exclusive Song
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Hands-On: Conjure Strike Is A Team-Based VR Hero Shooter With MOBA Elements
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Karnage Chronicles Is A Surprisingly Solid VR Co-Op Dungeon Crawler In Early Access

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Modbox Dev Shows Why Valve’s Skeletal Input Is So Useful
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NeverBound Is A Gravity-Defying Shooter With Some Awesome Ideas
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Gorgeous VR Adventure Torn Releases Next Month

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Warzone VR Teases Large-Scale VR FPS Multiplayer Battles On Rift, Vive, and PSVR
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