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Here’s Every VR App Now Available On Windows VR

It’s a strangely sedated launch day for Microsoft’s new Windows VR headsets. Devices from Acer, HP, Dell and Lenovo are now shipping out to those that have [...]

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OC4: Make No Bones About It, Pixar Heads Into Virtual Reality With Coco VR

Pixar’s first foray into the world of virtual reality — Coco VR — was announced today during the Oculus Connect 4 keynote.

Directed by Ross Haldane [...]

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OC4: Facebook Spaces Hits Other Platforms ‘Soon’, New Features Announced

Facebook carved out a good amount of time for its Spaces social VR platform at Oculus Connect today, with plenty of new features to talk about.

For starters, users [...]

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Microsoft Acquires AltspaceVR To Jumpstart Social VR Efforts

Microsoft is jumpstarting its social VR effort by acquiring AltspaceVR and its remaining team.

Altspace was a pioneering social VR service available on all major VR [...]

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Rec Room Is Coming To PSVR With Cross-Platform Play

Rec Room is widely considered to be one of the best examples of social VR right now. Launched in Early Access on Vive last year and then later arriving on Rift, the game [...]

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VRChat Raises $4 Million Round Led By HTC

Startup VRChat just raised a $4 million Series A round of funding led by HTC.

The money for the social VR startup comes in the wake of AltspaceVR running out of cash [...]

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A Love Of Local Multiplayer Got This Man To Spend 1000 Hours In VR’s Bigscreen

It used to be that the only way to play videogames with your friends was to grab a pad, take a seat on the couch next to them, and hit start. Over the years the advent of [...]

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Overturn - Available Now on SteamVR, Vive, and Oculus
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The Gallery Episode 2 Review: A World Of Pure Imagination
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Rubin On Oculus Privacy Concerns: ‘Nobody Wants User Camera Information’
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Fujitsu Has A Windows-Based VR Headset Too

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New European PSVR Bundle Comes With Gran Turismo Sport
Overturn - Available Now on SteamVR, Vive, and Oculus
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Gran Turismo Sport’s PSVR Support Is Frustratingly Brilliant
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The Best Windows VR Headset Isn’t Coming To Europe

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Halo Recruit On Windows Pits You In VR Against A Flat Screen
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Spec Sheet: Samsung, Dell, Acer, Asus Lenovo And HP’s Windows VR Headsets Compared
Overturn - Available Now on SteamVR, Vive, and Oculus
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TPCast Is Releasing A Wireless Adapter For Oculus Rift This Year

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Magic Leap Raises Another $500+ Million In Series D Funding
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