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OrbusVR Is A Tantalizing First Step Toward The Future Of VR MMOs

As someone that grew up playing MMOs like EverQuest, Minions of Mirth (an obscure indie one), Runescape, Guild Wars, and more, a high-quality VR MMO is one of my ultimate [...]

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Bigscreen Gets 12 Player Support, New Environments In Latest Update

It’s time for another Bigscreen update, and this latest edition makes the social VR app even, well, bigger.

The Big Room Update, as it’s called, includes [...]

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How VRChat Plans To Become More Than Just A Meme

I was sitting backstage at a VR rave, holding a cocktail that radiated sparkles, surrounded by anime characters, and Ron Millar, VRChat CCO, leans to me and asks in a [...]

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VRChat CCO: ‘We Weren’t Ready’ For Everything To Be ‘On Fire All The Time’

It’s been a while since we really checked in on VRChat. In fact, we haven’t visited its virtual hallways since it got a big $4 million investment round from HTC [...]

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Plex VR Lets Friends Watch Movies And Shows Together On Daydream

About a year ago now we wrote about PleVR, a fan-made app from Alex Keybl that took movies from your Plex library and brought them into VR for cinematic viewing on a [...]

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Facebook Hires Altspace CEO Eric Romo

What’s left of the Altspace social VR team might be working at Microsoft now, but its CEO and founder Eric Romo is now a product director at Facebook.

Altspace [...]

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CES 2018: Hands-On With Sansar’s Ready Player One VR Experience

Tonight at the Intel CES press conference a new Ready Player One VR experience was announced in development by the Sansar team at Linden Lab in collaboration with Warner [...]

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You Can Get A PSVR Bundle Starting At Just $199 From 2/18 – 3/3
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New Ready Player One Trailer Focuses On The Fight For VR’s Future
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Standalone VR Headset Comparison: Oculus, Vive, Lenovo and Pico

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Knockout League Review – Punch-Out!! Gets The VR Treatment
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Full SteamVR Update Integrates Oculus Dash And More
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Magic Leap Reveals Partnership With The NBA

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How VRChat Plans To Become More Than Just A Meme
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Sprint Vector Review: Like Mario Kart VR With Arm Swinging Races
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Palmer Luckey Is Now A Moderator For The Oculus Subreddit

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Dreamscape’s Alien Zoo Creates A Sense Of Awe And Wonder
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