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Wearality shows off a new 180-degree FOV lens for VR
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This is Not a Still Photo: Realities.IO’s Photogrammetry VR Scenes Could Change Tourism Forever
Magic Leap Raises $794 Million And Announces “Mixed Reality Lightfield”
Oculus Experimental Setups Feature Smaller Tracked Area Than HTC Vive
Magnetized Controllers From Oculus Are A Really Nice Touch (Correction)
Exclusive: New VR Dev Kit From Occipital Turns iPhone Into Room-Scale VR
Pimax 8K VR Headset Not Yet Ready For Primetime, But 4k Model Impresses
7 Weird And Wonderful HTC Vive Accessory Ideas From The Viveport Community
Hands on with the Oculus Touch Controllers
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Optitrack’s New System Could Accelerate VR Theme Park And Arcade Roll-Outs

Lower-priced cameras from long-time motion tracking company Optitrack could slash as much as 40 percent off the cost to track VR headsets and accessories over very large [...]

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Qualcomm’s Standalone VR Is Getting Embedded Leap Motion Hand Tracking

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 835 VRDK is bringing new capabilities to the mobile VR platform and seeks to accelerate its adoption.
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Valve Removes $3,000 SteamVR Tracking Hurdle, Will Offer Base Stations This Year

Back in August of last year, Valve started to roll out of its innovative and royalty-free tracking technology. The company made a development kit available to licensees, [...]

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Ready Player Cix: How One Rogue is Revolutionizing Mixed Reality

Several years ago, in a warm Los Angeles court room a young man stood with his hand on a bible. His right hand was raised and his mouth was repeating a solemn oath. Once he [...]

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How Valve is Taking a Nintendo-like Approach to Virtual Reality

Valve is building hardware for virtual reality, and it’s taking cues from one of the console industry’s brightest minds.

VR is still in its early stages in terms of [...]

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The Void Upgrades Display, Aims For 20 Installations This Year

If you wanted to see one of the most complete VR experiences available last year you would have paid for a ticket to Madame Tussauds in New York for around $50 and included [...]

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The EXOS Glove Extends Touch With A Big Caveat

Engineers are hard at work trying to find ways to make virtual experiences even more intimate for the participants, including Wolverine-like claws, exoskeleton gloves that [...]

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The Mage’s Tale is a Breathtaking New Oculus Touch Dungeon Crawler RPG from inXile Entertainment
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Hands-On: Superhot VR’s Forever Update Makes a Great Game Even Better
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Oculus Engineers are Working to Make Rift Games More Compatible With Vive Hacks

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Onward is Getting Major Updates in 2017: New Maps, New Modes and Co-Op Gameplay
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Google Can Recreate Your Face For Better Mixed Reality Footage
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Monitorless Is A Samsung AR Headset That Lets You Use PCs Without A Screen

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Landfall Review – Twin Stick Shooter Meets Tactical Multiplayer
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Man Loses More Than 50 Pounds Playing A VR Game
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Ready Player Cix: How One Rogue is Revolutionizing Mixed Reality

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VR Cast: Is Oculus a Hardware Manufacturer or a Research Company?
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