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Star Trek: Bridge Crew Review – The Final Frontier of VR

In front of me to my left sits Tal Blevins, Editor-in-Chief of UploadVR. But in this moment he isn’t my boss; he’s my subordinate. Currently he’s my [...]

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To The Top Review: Lightning Fast VR Parkour Is A Must Play

Ever since the console wars of the 1990s video game fans have been obsessed with how things look.

For decades now gamers have been captivated by concepts like 8 bit, [...]

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Lola And The Giant Review: Lotta Heart, Little Less Polish

When I reviewed Along Together last month I found a wonderfully sweet adventure game with bags of charm and some inventive uses of the Daydream’s motion controller. [...]

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Farpoint Review: A Good Game That Could Have Been Great

Farpoint is a rare game. It’s rare in the sense that it’s one of the first truly made-for-VR titles that is 100% based on full analog stick movement without teleporting [...]

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PSVR Aim Controller Review: Feel The Game Like Never Before

I’ve never really cared for peripheral devices. As much as I loved playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band (and I really loved it, ask any of my past neighbors) I still [...]

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Conductor Review: All Aboard The VR Train Game

There I was fulfilling yet another childhood fantasy with the help of VR. I was driving my own train, complete with hat and occasional coal-shoveling. Every once in a while [...]

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GNOG Review – A Puzzle Game About Fixing Little Mini Dioramas

GNOG is a really bizarre little game. Like, I don’t really even understand what I played and that’s kind of what I love about it.

On the one hand [...]

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Report: Samsung To Reveal UHD Display Primed For VR Today
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Microsoft Research Reveals New, Slimmed Down AR Glasses
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Oculus v1.15 Update Adds Full Room Scale Support, Rolling Out Now

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HTC Releasing ‘Standalone’ Google Daydream VR Headset ‘Later This Year’
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Report: VR And AR Developers Aren’t Making Enough Money To Justify Investments
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Field in View: Why The Aim Controller Is PSVR’s Secret Weapon

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The VR Spec Sheet: Rift, Vive, PSVR, Acer And HP Compared
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Microsoft Reveals Motion Controllers For Windows VR Headsets
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HP and Acer VR Headsets Available For Pre-Order Today Starting At $300

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Here’s Every Game That Supports PSVR’s New Aim Controller
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