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Benchmarking Snapdragon 845 And Testing A New Qualcomm Reference Headset

Last week, Qualcomm invited me onsite to benchmark their latest Snapdragon 845 SoC and platform. This new Snapdragon 845 was originally unveiled at the company’s big [...]

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End Space Review: Flying Through The Stars (Update)

End Space is one of the most ambitious games I’ve seen in the VR space thus far. What started out as a proof-of-concept on Google Cardboard under a different name and [...]

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Batman VRSE Review: Batfad

Earlier this week we reviewed the VRSE Batman VR headset and, well, we’ll let the article speak for itself. The shoddy device is only one part of the package, though; [...]

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Batman VRSE Headset Review: Holy Hokey Headset, Batman

Most major VR headset makers might have stamped 13+ age recommendations on their products, but you can bet there are going to be a lot of younger children that still put [...]

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Review: Pixel 2 And New Daydream View Make A Much Improved VR Package

VR is often regarded as a solitary experience, but with Google’s Pixel 2 and the new Daydream View it might be hard for anyone in the room to not become curious or [...]

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So Let Us Melt Review: The Chinese Room’s VR Debut Will Melt Your Heart

I can’t imagine how many times The Chinese Room has heard, “Hey, you should do a VR game!” over the past five or so years. Having helped pioneer the [...]

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Augmented Empire Review: Turn-Based Tactics Meet Deep Storytelling

When a VR game goes the additional steps to make everything not only feel and play great inside of a headset, but also have lore-appropriate explanations for quirky [...]

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You Can Get A PSVR Bundle Starting At Just $199 From 2/18 – 3/3
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New Ready Player One Trailer Focuses On The Fight For VR’s Future
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Standalone VR Headset Comparison: Oculus, Vive, Lenovo and Pico

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Knockout League Review – Punch-Out!! Gets The VR Treatment
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Full SteamVR Update Integrates Oculus Dash And More
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Magic Leap Reveals Partnership With The NBA

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How VRChat Plans To Become More Than Just A Meme
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Sprint Vector Review: Like Mario Kart VR With Arm Swinging Races
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Palmer Luckey Is Now A Moderator For The Oculus Subreddit

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Dreamscape’s Alien Zoo Creates A Sense Of Awe And Wonder
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