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Arizona Sunshine Updated Review: The Best VR Zombie Shooter Yet
Oculus Touch Review: The World’s Best VR Controller
Damaged Core Review: Meet The New King of VR Shooters
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Cloudhead’s “Blink” locomotion for VR is simple and robust
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Apex Construct Review: A Fitting Showcase Of VR’s Triumphs and Turmoils

From frantically firing your bow and arrow to traipsing through an impossibly twisted world in wonder, Apex Construct is a great example of how far VR development has come [...]

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Knockout League Review – Punch-Out!! Gets The VR Treatment

Let’s make this very clear: Knockout League is about as close as you’re going to get to a VR iteration of Nintendo’s classic arcade-style boxing game, [...]

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Sprint Vector Review: Like Mario Kart VR With Arm Swinging Races

Editor’s Note: This review has been republished and partially updated for Sprint Vector’s launch on PSVR.

Original: Sprint Vector is absolutely [...]

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Operation Chromite 1950 Review: A Mediocre Shooter For An Under-Explored Conflict

At first glance Operation Chromite 1950 might strike you as a Call of Duty imitator for VR, but in truth there’s a little more to it than that. Rather than focus on [...]

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Subnautica Review – Surviving A Whole New World Of Aquatic Wonder

Survival games feel like the perfect genre for VR to take over next. I’ve written about this before, but the sense of sheer immersion in a strange, new world [...]

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BlackShield: Upora Story Review – Pretty (But) Empty VR Shooting

BlackShield: Upora Story is one of those games that seemed to appear from thin air. Developed by Chinese studio V-Sensory, the game’s Steam page touts impressive [...]

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Front Defense: Heroes Review – A Classic WWII FPS In VR

I’ve played a lot of WWII shooters in my lifetime. They’re not as popular now as they used to be, replaced mostly by zombies and an obsession with the [...]

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Magic Leap Job Listing Suggests Big Retail Presence Incoming
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5 Reasons Why Kingdom Come: Deliverance Needs VR Support
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Peraso Names CEO As It Moves Into Chips For Wireless VR

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PSVR Rick And Morty Collector’s Edition Is $50, Includes Figure And Poster
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OrbusVR Is A Tantalizing First Step Toward The Future Of VR MMOs
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Lucid Is A Must-See VR Film From The Makers Of Ctrl

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You Can Get A PSVR Bundle Starting At Just $199 From 2/18 – 3/3
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New Ready Player One Trailer Focuses On The Fight For VR’s Future
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Standalone VR Headset Comparison: Oculus, Vive, Lenovo and Pico

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Knockout League Review – Punch-Out!! Gets The VR Treatment
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