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HTC Announces VR Venture Capital Alliance with $10 Billion in ‘Deployable Capital’
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Apple’s ARKit Evolves Pokemon GO

Today at WWDC Apple announced a slew of updates across its many product lines. Among these announcements were a few eyebrow raising nods toward immersive tech upgrades and [...]

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Here Are The Specs Powering The First VR-Ready iMac Pro

Valve and Apple made some long awaited news today; the latter’s new iMac Pro will support VR. But what exactly is powering the new device?

Apple went in-depth [...]

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Apple Jumps Into AR With ARKit on Millions Of iPhones and iPads

It wasn’t a matter of if Apple would get involved with augmented reality so much as when. That day is today.

At a press conference today Apple unveiled its [...]

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SteamVR Coming To Mac

Apple is finally getting serious about VR on its Mac platform, announcing that it is working with Valve to bring SteamVR to Mac.

Apple’s executives hinted that [...]

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Apple Hires NASA Expert To Help Build Augmented Reality Glasses

According to a Bloomberg story published this week, Apple hired Jeff Norris of NASA to work on augmented reality initiatives.

Norris has reportedly been an employee [...]

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Apple Files Patent For AR Tech That Conceals Virtual Objects Behind Real Ones

While it remains to be seen what Apple is doing in the VR space (if anything), the company has made its interest in AR clear over the past year. Today, a new patent from [...]

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Apple Drops Hint For VR-Ready Mac Pro

Apple’s short history with VR is somewhat troubled. While CEO Tim Cook continues to rave about AR instead, headset makers like Facebook’s Oculus don’t [...]

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Super Mario Bros. Level Recreated In AR By HoloLens Developer
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Valve’s Knuckles Controller Prototype Found In SteamVR Home
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The Mage’s Tale Review: A VR Dungeon Crawl RPG 30 Years In The Making

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Varjo Promises Human-Eye Resolutions For VR This Year
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E3 2017 Hands-On: Final Fantasy XV’s Monsters of the Deep Is Way More Fun Than You’d Think
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Oculus Kicks Off Summer of Rift Event With Sale, Store Credit

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E3 2017: First Images Of Dragon Ball VR Revealed
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E3 2017: Sony Pledges To ‘Restart Promoting’ PSVR Soon
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E3 2017 Hands-On: DOOM VFR Brings 4+ Hours Of FPS Violence To VR

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E3 2017: Fallout 4 VR Full Locomotion Hands-On
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