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Serious Sam VR Dev: Oculus Offered a “Shitton of Money” for Timed Rift Exclusivity
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HTC Announces VR Venture Capital Alliance with $10 Billion in ‘Deployable Capital’
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HTC Vive vs. Oculus Rift With Touch – Which Is The Better Roomscale Experience?
Update: New John Carmack Software Doubles Oculus Home Resolution on Gear VR
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Samsung’s Facesense Recognizes Facial Expressions For VR Navigation

With body language, humans are able to express a range of feelings with only the most the subtle shifts in demeanor. Our facial expressions alone can show off a huge range [...]

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VR First and Futuremark Team Up For New VR Industry Standards

Futuremark is a company well known for their 3DMark, PCMark, and most recently their VRMark tests that measure the performance of hardware and devices for users. VR First [...]

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Farm 51 Abandons VR Functionality In Upcoming Shooter Get Even

Game development is difficult, and VR game development is often harder. In the past, we’ve reported on different entities coming to grips with the difficulties of VR [...]

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Create Your Own Interactive VR Characters With Limitless’ Toolset

There are many experiments by creators utilizing the VR platform as they try to find unique content that’s either fully interactive or more of a hands-off narrative [...]

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Use These 3 Lessons From the Past to Create the Future of VR

VR hardware prices are decreasing. New premium headsets are entering the market. 6DOF mobile is making its way to consumers. 2017 is laying the foundation for a VR content [...]

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Cloud-Based Development Program SpatialOS Hits Open Beta

Gaming and the fabled power of the cloud has had a checkered history. Game-streaming service OnLive has come and gone, and Microsoft over-hyped the effect its Azure [...]

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GDC 2017: New Unity Plugin Increases Streaming Capabilites

Many companies are making waves across the gaming industry at GDC this week and Unity has certainly contributed to a few headlines. Their 5.6 update, releasing at the end [...]

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Google Has A New VR Camera And A ‘Roadmap’ For Answering Facebook
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Field in View: How Daydream Made A Home For VR’s Most Obscure Gems
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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Devs Drop Big Hint For VR Support

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Palmer Luckey Responds To Apple Founder Steve Wozniak Criticism: “You Can’t Please Everyone”
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Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality Review – A Welcome Job Promotion
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Hands-On: Facebook’s New 24 Lens Camera Turns Real Life Into High Quality VR

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F8 2017: Facebook Wants To Build Direct Brain Interfaces For Virtual Reality
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F8 2017: Facebook And OTOY’s Volumetric Camera System Will Deliver Six Degrees Of Freedom In 2017
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Review: 2017 Gear VR And Galaxy S8 Are The Best Mobile VR Combo

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Facebook Figured it Out: VR’s Real Killer App is Friends
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