SeeingVR Is Making ‘VR Bifocals’ To Help Low-Vision Users
Sony Promising PS5 Support For PSVR Gives VR A Clear Future
VRTK v4 Beta Makes The Best Unity VR Framework Even Better
Facebook Is Developing An AI Assistant For Oculus Headsets
Latest Valve Index Controller Firmware Brings Noticeably Improved Finger Tracking
CreativeXR Funds 20 UK Studios Working On New VR/AR Projects
Casual Titles Angry Birds VR, Fruit Ninja VR, RUSH, And Bait! Are Coming To Oculus Quest
Google’s ‘Tilt Brush’ VR Painting App Is Coming To Oculus Quest, Cross-Buy With Rift
Oculus Quest Preorders Accidentally Went Live On Amazon UK, 128GB Model Is £499
The Next PlayStation Supports PSVR, Sony Confirms
Nintendo Labo VR Is A Creaky Headset That May Have Cracked VR For Kids
Apple Hires Jaunt VR Founder And Multi-camera 3D Expert Arthur Van Hoff
Facebook Workers Put ‘Big Brother Is Watching’ Inside Oculus Touch Dev Kit
Here’s What Information Facebook Stores About Oculus Web Browsing Activity
Racket: Nx Is Coming To Oculus Quest, Supports Cross-Buy With Rift
Hands-On: Make It Rain Music In Deemo Reborn On PSVR
Seeking Dawn PSVR Port Canceled Because ‘Graphics Are Just Not There’
Acer Announces Windows VR Headset With HP Reverb Resolution And IPD Adjustment
Sony Files Patent For In-VR Esports Tournament Spectator System
A Chair In A Room: Greenwater Gets PSVR Release Date This Month
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Valve Index: Five Things We Want From Steam’s New VR Headset
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Our Official UploadVR Discord Is Now Live
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Rift/Vive Gap Shrinks As Windows VR Crosses Milestone In April Steam Survey

It’s a new month, which means the latest Steam Hardware Survey results are in. Despite big news for the VR industry in March, there’s not too much to talk about [...]

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GDC 2019: Espire 1: VR Operative Is A Great Mix Of Action And Stealth

Espire 1: VR Operative is shaping up to be the perfect mix of action and stealth that Metal Gear fans would love to experience in a headset.
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HTC Brings Gloveless Finger Tracking To Vive and Vive Pro, Gestures To Vive Focus

HTC released an SDK which allows developers to add finger tracking to their Vive or Vive Pro apps. For the Vive Focus standalone headset the SDK instead provides hand [...]

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Leveling Up: How OrbusVR Reborn Aims To Define The VR MMO

Ever since the days of .hack//sign on Toonami I’ve been dreaming about playing a real VR MMO. Anime like Sword Art Online only furthered that fantasy and my mind [...]

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Valve Index: Five Things We Want From Steam’s New VR Headset
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Our Official UploadVR Discord Is Now Live
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F8 2019: Keynote Time And Schedule Revealed For Facebook’s Developer Conference

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Vacation Simulator PC VR Review: A Template For The Future In A Playground For The Present
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Falcon Age Review: A Memorable Adventure With Slightly Clipped Wings
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Robo Recall On Oculus Quest Gameplay “Identical” To Rift, New Screenshots Released

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Sony Patents Prescription Glasses With Eye-Tracking To Use With VR Headset
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Boneworks Feels Like The First Next Generation VR Game
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Here’s How You Set Up Guardian On Rift S And Oculus Quest, And What Happens After

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey To Support Nintendo Labo VR
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