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VirtualLink Is A New Standard For VR PC Connection Backed By Oculus, Valve And More

A new VR standard backed by some of the industry’s biggest players is looking to make fiddling about with multiple headset wires a thing of the [...]

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Microsoft Has No Plans For ‘Xbox Consoles In VR’

This article was originally published on June 18th, 2018.

Microsoft’s messaging around VR on Xbox has been confused to say the least, having introduced its [...]

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Microsoft Patents A Tactile Feedback Device For Mixed Reality

According to a recently-published patent, Microsoft is working on a device that will give you tactile feedback in both mixed and virtual realities.

The patent, [...]

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Microsoft’s Newest HoloLens Apps Enhance The Workplace

Microsoft’s latest apps for its HoloLens mixed reality headset show you exactly why it’s a perfect tool for the workplace.

At yesterday’s Build [...]

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Ready Player One Used Rift DK2, Vive And HoloLens For Virtual Production

When it arrives in cinemas later this month, Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One will give the world a glimpse of the future of virtual reality. It’s fitting, [...]

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Bethesda: ‘No Planned Mod Support At This Time’ For Skyrim VR On PC

Big news today for VR gamers! Skyrim VR is coming to PC VR headsets (that means Rift, Vive, and Windows headsets) on April 3rd. The PC VR version of the game should be a [...]

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Microsoft Promises ‘Biggest’ E3 Ever As Xbox VR Support Remains In Question

This time last year we had all our money on an E3 reveal for Microsoft’s Xbox VR plans. The company’s Xbox One X had first been teased in 2016 as a machine [...]

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Hands-On: The Persistence Is A Tense, Sci-Fi VR Roguelike
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Marvel VR: Every Hero, Villain And Location Explained
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Spider-Man and Wolverine Confirmed In Marvel: Powers United VR Trailer

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Beat Saber Update Adds Hidden Exclusive Song
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Hands-On: Conjure Strike Is A Team-Based VR Hero Shooter With MOBA Elements
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Karnage Chronicles Is A Surprisingly Solid VR Co-Op Dungeon Crawler In Early Access

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Modbox Dev Shows Why Valve’s Skeletal Input Is So Useful
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NeverBound Is A Gravity-Defying Shooter With Some Awesome Ideas
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Gorgeous VR Adventure Torn Releases Next Month

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Warzone VR Teases Large-Scale VR FPS Multiplayer Battles On Rift, Vive, and PSVR
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