Facebook Open-sources AI Habitat To Help Robots Navigate Realistic Environments
SideQuest Sideloads Oculus Quest Software Without Facebook’s Approval
SteamVR Adds Full Support For Oculus Rift S
E3 2019: Beat Saber Dev Discussing 360 Levels On Other Platforms
Vader Immortal Episode 2 Will ‘Lean Into What It’s Like To Use The Force’
E3 2019: Pirate Ship Game Battlewake Is On Its Way To Quest and PSVR
Update: HTC To Reveal Vive Cosmos Info Next Week, Image Reveals Headphones
Six Years After Adding VR, Lunar Flight Gets Oculus Touch Support
E3 2019: Sniper Elite VR Turned Me Into A Deadly Sharpshooter
Oculus Quest Made $5 Million In Content Sales In 2 Weeks, Facebook Says
E3 2019: Falcon Age Is Coming To The Epic Games Store With VR Support
Star Wars: Vader Immortal Episode 1 Rift Version Launches Next Week
HTC Vive Cosmos Launching Q3, Will Have Full SteamVR Compatibility
E3 2019: Q&A With Oculus’ Jason Rubin On Quest, Rift, Go And Valve Index
Update #2: Oculus ‘Forcing’ Virtual Desktop To Remove Quest SteamVR Streaming
E3 2019: Lone Echo 2 Is A Bigger, Longer, And More Involved Sequel
E3 2019: Beat Saber In 360 Mode On Oculus Quest Feels Like A New Game
Richie’s Plank Experience Is Coming To Oculus Quest This Month
E3 2019: Physical Releases Planned For Golem, Angry Birds Movie 2 And More From Perp Games
E3 2019: Acron Gameplay Shows Cute Squirrel Vs. Tree Cross Device Multiplayer
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Watch Upload’s E3 VR Showcase 2019 Right Here At 9am PT
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nReal Light Is A $499 Consumer AR Headset, Shipping This Year
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Watch Upload’s E3 VR Showcase 2019 Right Here At 9am PT

Hi! This is it! The big moment! I think we’re ready. Well, sort of ready; don’t try exporting high-framerate video on an old PC 15 hours before your big [...]

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PSVR 2 Won’t Launch Alongside PS5, Sony Suggests

The last few months have really ramped up the speculation on the PSVR 2 front. First, Sony confirmed it was making a next-generation console that would support VR. Then, [...]

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Sony ‘Very Happy’ With PSVR Sales ‘But We Know We Can Do Better’

Sony’s PSVR headset is thought to be the most successful of the three major VR devices from 2016. We don’t know that for sure, but the headset has sold 4.2 [...]

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Resident Evil Dev More Interested In PSVR 2’s Convenience Than Specs

As excited as we are for PlayStation 5, we’re more excited about PSVR 2. We already know Sony’s next-generation console will run the original headset. But [...]

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PlayStation R&D Head Outlines ‘Next-Gen’ VR Headsets: Increased Resolution, Wider FOV, HDR, Wireless, Eye-Tracking

Of all of the major VR headsets on the market today, Sony’s PSVR stands to gain the most from an upgrade. But what might we see in a next-generation PSVR? Senior vice [...]

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The Next PlayStation Supports PSVR, Sony Confirms

Sony has just confirmed that its current PSVR headset will be compatible with the next PlayStation console.

The company revealed as much in a new article in Wired. [...]

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Sony Files Patent For In-VR Esports Tournament Spectator System

Own a PSVR? One day you might be able to spectate esports leagues from inside virtual reality.

Sony recently filed a patent application titled “Spectator View [...]

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Watch Upload’s E3 VR Showcase 2019 Right Here At 9am PT
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nReal Light Is A $499 Consumer AR Headset, Shipping This Year
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Oculus Releases Rift S Audio Update After Users Report Issues

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Oculus Rift S Has A Hidden Resolution Setting
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Oculus Quest To Get ‘Lights Out’ 3DoF Mode, Dual Controller Input, 60Hz Mode For Videos
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Beat Saber DLC 2 Releases Next Month, Custom Songs Support Coming To Quest

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How To Sideload Apps And Games On Oculus Quest Or Oculus Go
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Oculus Quest Review: Facebook’s Standalone Savior Mostly Keeps Its Promises
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The 30 Best Must-Download Oculus Go Games And Apps

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Vader Immortal Oculus Quest Livestream: Lightsaber Combat In VR!
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