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Valve Introduces Automatic Resolution Rendering For SteamVR Based on GPU, Headset

SteamVR 2.0 may still be a ways off but Valve is introducing a new innovation on the software side today that should help VR owners get the most out of their [...]

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Valve Doubles Down On Making Its Own Games Again

We haven’t heard anything about Valve’s new VR games in over a year now, but it still sounds like they’re coming.

PCGamer reports that, during a [...]

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HTC Debuts Updated Vive Tracker For SteamVR 2.0 At MWC 2018

HTC Vive’s Tracker peripheral may not have been on the market that long, but it’s already due a future-proofing update.

At Mobile World Congress 2018 [...]

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Valve Is Adding Custom Button Mapping For All VR Controllers To OpenVR

Valve is about to make OpenVR a lot more open.

Technically, any VR content launched on Valve’s SteamVR platform will support the three major headsets out there [...]

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Fallout 4, Onward Among Steam’s Highest-Grossing VR Games Of 2017

Plenty of great VR titles came to the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets in 2017, but which sold the best? Steam has given us some [...]

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Oculus Rift The ‘Most Popular’ VR Headset On Steam In December, Windows VR Debuts

After a months’ break, the gap between the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive narrowed once more in the latest Steam Hardware Survey results.

The Hardware Survey is an [...]

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HTC: Valve Still ‘Very Committed’ To Three VR Games

Earlier this year we heard that Valve is making three of its own VR games. Since then we’ve heard absolutely nothing about what they are or when they might release. [...]

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How Torn Plans To Be Much More Than Just Another Static VR World
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Apex Construct Review: A Fitting Showcase Of VR’s Triumphs and Turmoils
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GDC 2018: What To Expect From VR/AR At The Game Developers Conference

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Hands-On: Payday 2’s Free VR DLC Is A Heist-Fueled Killing Spree
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How This Studio Sold Nearly 100,000 Copies Of Its VR Game At $20 Each
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Watch Budget Cuts’ First Gameplay Clip In Over Two Years

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Google’s New Light Field App Is A Tantalizing Look At VR’s Future
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Tobii Develops Eye-Tracking Standalone VR Headset With Qualcomm
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Eye Of The Temple Is A VR Game That Requires Room Scale Locomotion To Move Around

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Creed: Rise to Glory Is A VR Boxing Game From The Makers Of Sprint Vector
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