CCP to have “big meeting” with Valve this month

by Will Mason • March 20th, 2015

With all the the buzz surrounding the debut of EVE: Valkyrie’s newest build yesterday there was one question that everyone kept asking, is it coming to the Vive? We may be closer to finding an answer soon. Speaking with a source from CCP’s sales team, we have learned that CPP has a “big meeting” scheduled at the Valve offices on the 31st of this month. While this does not confirm that the title will be ported to the Vive, given CCP’s focus on virtual reality it at least seems likely they will be working with the device. It may be that CCP’s VR Lab will begin developing on the device, and given the nature of the demos shown it seems likely. Each of them (with the exception of the GearVR demo, Project Nemesis) focused on using natural movement in game, something that the Vive is more than well suited for.

For now however, EVE: Valkyrie will launch as an exclusive title for PC on the Rift and on the Morpheus for consoles, but that exclusivity license is not permanent. So speculation will continue to abound, but for now at least it seems likely that we will see some sort of collaboration in the VR space between CCP and Valve in the future.

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