CES 2018: Side-by-Side Comparison Of Standard HTC Vive And Vive Pro

by David Jagneaux • January 8th, 2018

CES 2018 kicked off with a big announcement in the VR world: HTC is releasing a brand new headset this year dubbed the Vive Pro that sports integrated high-quality audio, crisp 3K visuals, dual microphones for noise cancellation, and more comfortable weight distribution. You can read more about the Vive Pro and the upcoming second generation of base stations at the corresponding links.

We got the chance to go hands-on with the Vive Pro earlier today and came away impressed with what we saw and even took the time to take some pics showing the old standard Vive and the new Vive Pro side-by-side. In the shots below you can also sneak a few looks at the official Vive Wireless Adapter, which is also on display at CES this week.

Visually the designs are similar, but the new Vive Pro is much more comfortable and of much higher quality. As soon as you pick it up and put it on you can immediately tell the difference.

We’ll have our in-depth hands-on impressions with the headset and the new wireless adapter tomorrow, but for now these up close and person shots will just have to tide you over.

What do you think about the new Vive Pro and the improved specs? Is it enough to entice you for an upgrade? Let us know down in the comments below!

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What's your reaction?
  • Brian Brown

    The second it’s available, I’m buying one. Thank goodness I can use my existing base stations, and controllers. I’m psyched!

    • Jeff Recobs

      Are they selling it as just the headset?

      • Bryce Chamberlain

        Yep. Just the headset Q1 then as a full set Q2!

        • Jeff Recobs

          Sick guess I’m not getting that ASUS 1440p monitor this year after all.

    • Ståhej

      I would advice to sell off your entire kit and replace it instead. Better to switch to 2.0 tracking and get completely new products with less risk of breaking down and which also has a warranty.

      • Brian Brown

        They’re not selling the entire kit at this time, so I’m getting the HMD only. I’m not sure if I’ll ever need 30x30ft room scale, so I may never buy the new base stations.

        Knuckle controllers on the other hand, a must buy when they come out.

        • Ståhej

          The reason I would want to get 2.0 is to get more than 2 points of reference in my room. Only having 2 lighthouses makes it impossible to have perfect tracking because of geometry. I’m already noticing the deadspots heavily while playing competetive fps games with the vive. You may find it fine but the fact is that it is flawed and will never be perfect with only two lighthouses :/

          • Brian Brown

            I can promise you, that if I were playing a lot of competitive first person shooters I would be very interested in the 2.0 tracking. As it is, I have a big empty space for playing Vive VR games and have zero issues with dead zones, but I don’t play games that are competitive.

      • Simplex

        “Better to switch to 2.0 tracking”
        The headset is 2.0 tracking compatible, but the kit will not contain 2.0 lighthouses.

        • Ståhej

          I thought you got the 2.0 lighthouses with the vive pro, my bad

  • Ted Joseph

    I understand that they want to ensure equilibrium pricing to intersect supply vs. demand, but come on! Where is the 200deg FOV??

    • kontis

      Nowhere. It’s impossible to do with current technology (without some terrible trade-offs).

  • nathan willard

    If they made the wireless module green we could all look like shrek…

  • I think it’s an interesting device. An interesting evolution over current Vive, but not a disruptive evolution.

    • daveinpublic

      It’s really nice to have this many options for VR, though. Seems like a solid product, with nice resolution, and a good build quality.

    • Paul

      They went the upgrade your current headset route. That’s a lot more than they could have done.

  • koenshaku

    No one comments about the benefit of two cameras on the front. Is that just the latest VR fad?

    Edit: Never mind I just read elsewhere they’re for AR

  • GrangerFX

    If I could buy one with perfectly designed prescription lenses from the factory, a Vive purchase would be a no brainer. As it stands there is no way for me to use this headset with glasses and still be comfortable after hours of play so no sale. BTW over 60% of the population wears corrective lenses so HTC needs to get in front of this problem ASAP.

    • Paul

      Contacts seem to be a pretty good fix.

      • GrangerFX

        Not for me. For whatever reason, my fingers can’t grab them to pull them out. I spent a whole week and multiple visits to the eye doctor to learn this painful lesson. I wanted contacts so I could try them with the Oculus Rift DK2. It may be because I type so much I have worn the ridges off the ends of my fingers.

  • plrr

    Is there an elephant in the room? To me it seems HTC has neglected the esthetic aspect…

    • Paul

      I can’t see the headset with it on my face. Additionally, I hardly think someone is going to notice the headset when they see me standing in my underwear playing a VR game (obviously they’ll be enamored with my beautiful physique).

      • plrr

        I take it that at least to some, the esthetic is (ostensibly) irrelevant. But many people will be put off by a product that they consider unattractive. I get the sense that a lot of people refrain from commenting on how the product looks, perhaps because it might seem like a bad comment. But it’s not irrelevant.

  • leeleelee69

    Sorry in the title it says “SIDE BE SIDE COMPARISON” were is it?

    • JDub314

      Side by side pictures lol. I too thought I was going to see a decent comparison but I was misled. 🙁

  • leeleelee69

    Not the upgrade everybody was hoping for!

    Really hope PIMAX can show them how its done