CES 2019: Vive Cosmos Display Is HTC’s ‘Sharpest Yet’, Dev Kits In Early 2019

by Jamie Feltham • January 7th, 2019

HTC says the Vive Cosmos display will be its ‘sharpest screen yet’.

That much comes by way of the new Cosmos website. At its press conference today HTC confirmed that Cosmos is an inside-out tracked headset that connects to PC. However, a message on the new website reads:

“Introducing our sharpest screens yet. The all-new pixel-packed displays with minimal screen door effect delivers crystal clear graphics bringing every detail in VR alive.”

The site also confirms that the headset uses ‘Real RGB displays’. Further specifics aren’t shared.

It sounds like Vive Cosmos could best even Vive Pro’s 2880×1600 resolution then. By extension that should mean the newly-announced Vive Pro Eye is beaten too. That’s exciting to think about but it also has us asking: how much is this thing going to cost?

The site also notes that Cosmos is a ‘modular’ headset that can be customized. During the presentation, HTC noted that it wanted Cosmos to run on more than just PCs. Could this mean that we could buy upgrades to make the kit compatible with other tech?

Meanwhile, there are a few more details on an official press release sent out after the show. Namely developer kits will be offered in ‘early 2019’. Details on a consumer release will be coming later this year. Judging by HTC’s past few years, there’s a good chance that our next update comes at the 2019 Game Developer Conference and Mobile World Congress events in March.

We’re at Vive’s booth at CES right now so stay tuned for more updates and some hands-on impressions.

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