Changi Airport Will Use AR Glasses To Speed Up Ground Handling

by David Jagneaux • September 7th, 2017

Going to the airport is a hassle. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, which airline you’re using, or who you’re traveling with, there are always annoyances and issues along the way.  From rude seat neighbors, poor service, delays, long wait times, or ridiculous prices, flying is a major headache for thousands of people every day. By equipping some staff with a pair of smart AR glasses though, the Changi Airport is hoping to alleviate some of the issues.

SATS, the chief ground-handling and in-flight catering service provider at Singapore Changi Airport, has equipped approximately 600 of its ramp handling employees with the glasses as part of a new initiative, according to Channel News Asia.

By wearing the smart glasses while they work the staff will see an inline display showcasing valuable stats and information such as specific loading instructions in real-time. Instead of having to look things up with paper manuals or search for labels, the glasses can display weight, unit numbers, and storage position without the employee ever having to use their hands.

Reportedly, this advancement should speed up turnover time by shaving off up to 25% of loading times (trimming a typical flight loading time from 60 minutes to 45 minutes.) SATS is planning on fully rolling out the procedure by mid-2018 and eventually internationally to locations in both Indonesia and Hong Kong.

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