Check Out 17 Minutes Of Zero Gravity Downward Spiral Gameplay

by Jamie Feltham • April 9th, 2018

3rd Eye Studios’ Downward Spiral: Horus Station is one of our most anticipated VR games arriving in the next few months. This video shows you why.

Bekiw is nearly 17 minutes of gameplay footage from the upcoming zero gravity game, which is on the way to PSVR, Vive, Rift and Windows. It shows the slow, methodic atmosphere and the Lone Echo-like navigation (which 3rd Eye notably developed before Ready at Dawn’s 2017 release). You also get a look at some of the gadget that will help you move around the empty space station you’ll find yourself in.

Downward Spiral is launching this spring and will have optional PS4 and PC support too. The campaign can be played either by yourself or with a friend in co-op, and there are competitive options on the way too.

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