Check Out The First Gameplay Of PSVR’s Deracine And Everybody’s Golf VR

by Jamie Feltham • September 26th, 2018

Two big PlayStation VR (PSVR) games were featured at Tokyo Games Show in Japan this year, and we just got our best looks yet at both of them.

The first game is Deracine a new title from Dark Souls developer From Software. First announced at E3 earlier this year, we’ve been looking forward to the game’s return to From’s adventure roots. In the gameplay below, you can see a player exploring incredibly detailed scenes within the game’s boarding school setting. Time appears to have slowed to a halt and the player is able to pick up items and inspect them as well as observe what characters are doing. We get a bit of an Invisible Hours vibe from it.

The other title, Everbody’s Golf VR, was actually announced just before TGS, though we’d been dreaming of it for a long time. The first entry in Sony’s popular golf series to support VR, it takes on a much more realistic look than its predecessors and uses a PlayStation Move controller to let you swing your club.

Deracine is due to arrive on PSVR on November 6th, whilst Everybody’s Golf VR hasn’t yet been confirmed for the west, though we’d be surprised if it didn’t come over too.

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