Co-Op Shooter Gunheart Is 25 Percent Off For A Limited Time

by Ian Hamilton • August 15th, 2018

One of VR’s best shooters is 25 percent off for a limited time.

We rated Gunheart “Great” when we reviewed it after a year of early access development. Drifter Entertainment, however, continues to keep updating the game and adding new features even after release — moving it closer and closer to becoming VR’s “go-to co-op shooter,” as David Jagneaux wrote in his review. The 25 percent discount brings the cost down to $22.50, so if you’ve been holding out on exploring Gunheart’s wide range of game modes now might be a good time to take the plunge.

Gunheart includes 10 different weapons (along with weapon mods) as well as both PvP and co-op modes, plus a mode that extends multiplayer onto traditional PC screens so you can play along with a friend even if they don’t have a VR headset. Though Steam is constantly being inundated with new shooters, Gunheart sets itself apart by staying fast-paced with quick movement and jumping.

At the time of this writing there was a little less than 24 hours left in the sale.

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