Coatsink’s Esper Hits PSVR And Go This Week, Vive Next

by Jamie Feltham • June 25th, 2018

One of the very first full VR games is finally making its way to a bunch of platforms this week.

Coatsink’s Esper will be launching on Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) and the new Oculus Go on Friday. An HTC Vive launch is coming next week, too and it will also arrive on Go’s Chinese equivalent, the Xiaomi Mi, at a later date.

This is one of the oldest full VR games out there, originally launching on the first version of Oculus and Samsung’s Gear VR over three years ago now. It’s since come to the Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality headsets, but this marks Coatsink’s first VR release on consoles. It will cost $7.99.

Esper is a puzzle game in which the player has telepathic puzzles. They use their abilities to complete a series of challenges as part of an experimental testing program. Think dragging objects through glass mazes, weight-based placement puzzles, that sort of thing. It’s a little simple by today’s VR standards but still worth the price of admission.

The game spawned a sequel, Esper 2, and we’ve reached out to Coatsink to find out if that’s on its way to other platforms too.

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