Community Download: Do You Think Magic Leap Lives Up To The Hype?

by David Jagneaux • October 11th, 2018

Community Download is a weekly discussion-focused articles series published every Monday in which we pose a single, core question to you all, our readers, in the spirit of fostering discussion and debate.

Look, I’m sorry. I could sit here and write out a bunch of excuses for why I didn’t post a Community Download topic at the start of this week like usual, but I’d just be lying to you and myself. The honest truth is that I am a human and I made a mistake: I forgot.

But it’s okay — you know why? Because waiting until near the end of the week is paying off. On Monday morning I’d have been hard-pressed to find a good, topical discussion point but now on Thursday, the day after the inaugural Leap Con event from Magic Leap, we have lots to talk about.

In addition to a slew of game announcements and reveals, such as Angry BirdsInvaders, Star Wars: Project Porg, Insomniac’s Seedling, and more, Magic Leap also discussed their road map for the next few months and revealed details on their AR social experience, Avatar Chat.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve had the chance to try a Magic Leap One yet (you can read our initial impressions here) you still likely have some thoughts after Leap Con yesterday. So, the question at hand is this: Do you think, from what you’ve seen, Magic Leap lives up to the hype? Does it seem like the company is going to deliver on their multi-billion dollar promises? Why or why not?

Have at it! Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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