Community Download: Which Other Popular IPs Do You Want To See In VR Next?

by David Jagneaux • July 16th, 2017

VR seems to finally be coming into its own in a way, or entering its “second gear” as Jason Rubin of Oculus likes to say. Big franchises like Resident Evil are getting full VR support, huge IPs like Star Trek are debuting on headsets, and large scale new properties like Farpoint are putting the technology to good use. Not to mention the likes of Fallout 4 and Skyrim both getting the VR treatment soon as well.

Yesterday at the D23 convention Disney announced that Marvel and Oculus would be teaming up to release Marvel Powers United VR which lets you play as one of a dozen different Marvel superheroes such as The Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, and Captain Marvel (with more to be revealed soon.)

That’s a huge IP coming to VR headsets and it got us wondering: Which other popular IPs do you want to see in VR next? Pretend that money were no issue and you could just wish any game you want into existence. Would it be an existing game franchise, or movie, or book, or something else?

For me personally I’d love for a fully-realized Wizarding World of Harry Potter game, preferably an MMO. Let me explore the halls of Hogwarts, progress through the years and join a House. I want to fly around on a broom playing Quidditch, duel my classmates, and brew potions. I want it so badly.

There are so many properties out there with potential and we want to know your wildest VR dream games down in the comments below!

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  • Filmgeek47

    A proper Star Wars game seems like an obvious candidate.


    I want to see a legit VRMMORPG with NPCs who use the latest in deep learning A.I. Something like SAO where the world feels alive in a meaningful way. I know we’re probably 5-10 years away from that seminal moment though. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Harry Potter vrmmo. I think that would be dope. Like imagine actually attending hogwarts.

  • Jeroen-bart Engelen

    I’d love to see World of Warcraft VR. Or a Mass Effect VR game. Generally any game that has beautiful vistas to behold and can be played without twitch-gameplay (because then you have no time to appreciate your surroundings). I’ve noticed that when I play VR games I play them generally much slower to really soak in the environment. I think that is the true power of VR, the immersion. Which is why I think the FPS games that a lot (most?) gamers are asking (i.e. COD for VR) are doomed to fail. At least for home use. VRFPS might eventually replace laser-tag kind of games in the future 🙂

    • Kacey Sherrard

      i would definitely agree with World of Warcraft, its a simplistic style thats not too graphics intensive, but every action would ahve to have to be converted into a VR action, for example, actually getting out your bag and opening a loot bag and moving items across after a mob kill. Making sure combat was realistic to the point where if you just try and swing your sword side to side without any real force, a mob could just disarm you and you have to go pick up your weapon if your not fighting properly and if your not swinging properly (depending on the ability) or hard enough it will do little damage. Actually have to call out to cast spells and do certain hand motions in time with the call out, the more perfect it is, the stronger the spell is, which is what causes critical strikes if you do it perfectly (but actually make it really hard to do).

    • Chad Gibbs

      WOW is definitely top of the list. I would get back in there in a heart beat starting at level 1 just to see everything in VR. As was mentioned it would not be graphics intensive so should be a relatively easy port other then using motion controllers. Would have to have a separate server, one for motion controller players and the others for standard mouse/keyboard. The Conan MMO would be incredible as well.

  • plrr

    IPs? Don’t use obscure abbreviations without explaining what they mean.

  • cirby

    Borderlands VR. Who wouldn’t want to meet those people in VR?

    Final Fantasy XIV – they did a demo of VR in FFXIV already, and even just using Vorpx looks great.

    • Definitely Borderlands VR! The graphics would be perfectly suited to it.

  • Andrew Lowery

    I think Megaman could do very well as a VR game since the arm is the gun, the colors changing would make it clear what weapon you are using without a HUD, and the graphics wouldn’t need to realistic.

    Less popular would be

  • Mike Hamner

    grand theft auto 5. they already converted the game to a FPS. go a little bit further and add vr support.

    • Rob Heath

      THIS! Vorpx is a joke

  • chicanoterp06

    I would like to visit middle earth…see dragons, Moria, the shire, Bree… pretty much LOTRO but in VR

    • Jonny

      This. Walking through the dwarven cities and experiencing that incredibly scale would be so amazing.

    • Connie Ijames

      I’m with you on that, spending my days on the Brandywine catching fish, and I don’t even like to fish!

  • Mo Last

    Cod/battlefield. On vive too, not only psvr of course 😤

    Another would be sly 2 and sly 3, and all the ratchet and clank games from ps2 until PS4. The absolute dream.

    Playing these games in third person view like luckey’s tale. BUT, if they make it first person, imagine how fucking amazing that would be. Especially for the sly series, cause there’s pickpocketing and stuff omggggg

  • NooYawker


  • Xron

    Something like from book AlterWorld – Play to Live. or The Kartoss Gambit – The Way of the Shaman, maybe Patch 17 – Realm of Arkon.
    As one og you guys mentioned, a Deep vr mmo rpg with npcs that use AI to learn and communicate with players.

  • 1droidfan

    Assassins creed. The climbing, sword fighting and shooting all translate well to VR.

  • Fiye

    Dishonored. Thief.

    I’ve love an assassins creed, but i’m not sure we’re able to do something like that yet.

  • Robbie Cartwright

    Sonic. (JK heck no, that’d be waaaaay too dizzying) but some platformer like that.

  • Mane Vr

    halo I would love to be MC in vr

  • Tony

    Dead Space. A VR remaster of the original game with first person support would be a pretty amazing experience I think.

  • Nosfar

    If we are talking pure conversion in the vein of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout then I would like to cast my vote for the Far cry series as I think they are perfect for the V.R genre.

  • JonBishop

    Dark Souls. *Drops mic*

  • Peter a Williams

    “The Flash” could be fun, teleport mechanics would lend well to super speed, and bullet time to grab bullets out of the air like in robo recall.

  • Fear Monkey

    Really want a Borderlands game in VR.
    A Diablo game in VR

    Thief VR
    A Knights of the old Republic like game in VR
    TES: Oblivion remastered in VR
    Stonekeep VR
    Jumping Flash on PSVR
    A Star Trek RPG where you can have the run of the entire ship in VR
    its a dream, but a Babylon 5 VR came where you can visit everwhere in the space station.

  • Chris Orris

    Deus Ex, mostly because I’m a fanboy.

    But mostly, Blizzard needs to do, like, something.

  • CMcD

    Bladerunner… FUCKING BLADERUNNER. I want to walk around dark rainy streets with bleeding neon reds and blues buzzing in my ears as they flicker on and off. I want to be a detective that goes to seedy cyber punk realms to hunt down rogue androids, and then have agency in deciding whether to execute them, save them, or romance them all while questioning my own existence. I want to stand on my balcony while sipping in-game whiskey (and doing so in real life… for IMMERSION of course). I want to talk to my little fuzzy in game monitor, giving it orders while I search for clues in the image and then exclaim “enhance” as it zooms into the image. I want to be able to say to all of my lame non-vr-owning friends “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe… until you get vr… all these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.”

  • I’d like to see “The Matrix Online” get rebooted as a true VR MMO with a whole new modern graphics engine.
    I’d like to see a proper VR release from Deus Ex & a VR reboot of System Shock.
    I’d also like to see a modern VR reboot of the story behind the games “Flashback”, “Out Of This World”, and “Legacy of Kain – Soul Reaver” (like, maybe a VR MMO-action-RPG based on the World Of Nosgoth).

    Others: Vampire The Masquerade; Freespace (3, in VR, picking up where Freespace 2 left off, or as an alternate timeline separate from those events, set in the years between the first and second game); Mechwarrior (pick up from where ‘Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance’ left off), Crimson Skies (reboot the original, as a purely lifelike VR game); and something along the lines of Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six… we need more really good tactical shooters for VR –which are played best, methodically, rather than run-and-gun.