Community Download: Who ‘Won’ Virtual Reality In 2016?

by Joe Durbin • December 26th, 2016

Cheerful non-denominational late-December greetings to all of you (see? I know how to be a successful journalist in this day and age). What many have spent the last 12 months calling the “year of virtual reality” is about to come to an end. 2016 was, in many ways, a mind-destroying procession of events that would each have been an appropriate plot point for a time travel movie: “we have to go back in time and stop [insert any 2016 pop-culture moment here] or the future is doomed!”

However, as far as virtual reality is concerned, things have been going quite well.


This year has taken us, the VR scene, from a hopeful group of dreamers to a viable, commercially released segment of the consumer electronics industry. VR headsets, both PC and mobile powered, have now left the pages of sci-fi novels like Snow Crash and Ready Player One by officially landing on the store shelves of places like Best Buy. In 2016, virtual reality officially arrived.

That is a huge accomplishment and one that every organization involved should feel proud of. From monolithic manufacturers such as Facebook’s Oculus, Samsung, HTC, Google, and Sony, to the small, but hard working development teams that filled our platforms with content, the entire industry deserves to take a bow.

But the question at hand today is: Who deserves to take the stage last for the biggest applause in this technological curtain call?


Our question to you, dear readers, in this season of significance to one religious organization that may or may not be notable to you in your personal system of belief is this:

Who “won” the year of VR?

Your answer could be a headset creator, a software provider, or perhaps even an online publication that has a green and black logo that rhymes with ShmuploadBR. The winner of this poll will be awarded with the knowledge of a job well done and a coupon for a million free hugs.

So sound off in the comments below and let us know who gets your vote and please, keep it civil. It is a holiday after all. Or maybe it’s not for you.

Jolly week before New Years everyone!

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