Confirmation: Rifts Start Arriving March 28

by Upload • March 24th, 2016

We’ve heard confirmation from Oculus that Rift shipments will begin arriving Monday, March 28.

We’ve known since it became available for $600 in January the Rift would begin shipping on March 28, but it was unclear whether that meant the first devices would start arriving at homes or they would start their journey from a distribution facility on that date. We’ve heard that it is the former, meaning some people will be playing Rift games as early as Monday.

The $800 HTC Vive begins arriving at homes a week later than Rift while PlayStation VR ships in October.

In other words…


Update: Post was changed to clarify that Rifts begin arriving Monday, but we don’t know yet whether it is just Kickstarter backers or pre-orders.

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