CreativeXR Funds 20 UK Studios Working On New VR/AR Projects

by Jamie Feltham • April 18th, 2019

A few months back CreativeXR launched its second year of funding opportunities for UK studios. The initiative, put together by Digital Catapult and Arts Council England, was looking for teams working on experiential VR and AR projects. This week, the programme revealed the 2019 recipients.

CreativeXR gave 20 studios a grant of £20,000. They span the breadth of the UK and feature a few names you might have seen before. Familiar faces include No Ghost, the animation studio behind the Madrid Noir series. 59 Productions, the maker of UploadVR award-winner, Nothing To Be Written, is also included. We’ve got the full list of studios below.

“These projects demonstrate the potential of immersive content to produce new forms of creativity and cultural experience when artistic vision is combined with technology,” Francis Runacres, Executive Director of Enterprise and Innovation, Arts Council England said in a prepared statement. “We’re very pleased to have all the teams on board, and look forward to seeing their projects develop.”

Alongside the grant, CreativeXR will also provide access to mentorship, including support from a new partner, RYOT Studio, as well as others like the BBC, Unity and Royal Opera House.

Back in February, we took a trip to see some of the successful recipients of last year’s programme. We were treated to some amazing VR experiences like Commons Grounds, a short documentary detailing the decline of London’s Aylesbury Estate. With any luck, this year’s winners will produce something as equally as compelling.

Full List Of Winners

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