‘The Climb’ Free Oculus Touch Update Adds New Arctic Mountain, ‘North’

by Joe Durbin • December 1st, 2016

Today, Crytek is revealing details for the brand new mountain it will be releasing as part of next week’s free Oculus Touch update for The Climb.

We are less than a week away from the release of Oculus Touch. On December 6 the $199 controller add-on for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset will begin shipping to a horde of ravenous consumers. In advance of this launch, developers are beginning to announce the new VR content that they have been working on to go along with Touch. Crytek is one of those studios and its free Oculus Touch update for The Climb will feature a brand new peak for players to summit.

This new mountain has been dubbed “North.” To my surprise, and slight disappointment, this was not a tease that the new slope is being voiced by the legendary Nolan North, but is instead a reference to the new level’s frigid, polar setting. According to Crytek:

“The extensive game update will be free to everyone who owns The Climb, and also includes an expansive new setting inspired by the landscapes of Iceland. The wintry “North” location features snow-capped peaks, distant volcanoes, and a host of fresh challenges for players to get to grips with as they scale new heights, immerse themselves in the environment, or compete to set the best times in the world. In addition, the update introduces new player-customization options and a range of accessories designed specifically for the North setting.”

In addition to the new level, The Climb’s big update next week will also, “Integrate support for the new Touch controllers when they launch next week – giving players the freedom to scale VR cliffs with instinctive hand movements that mirror real-world climbing.”

The Climb is clearly one of the games Oculus believes will attract new players towards Touch. It is one of the few games featured in the system’s in-store demonstrations and also scored one of the coveted three “featured-game-images” slots on the back of the Touch box itself.

The free update for The Climb will become available to all players on December 6 and will be downloadable through Oculus Home.

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