CyberPowerPC and AMD Unveil VR-Ready Rig That’s Only $499 When Bundled With a Rift

by David Jagneaux • January 9th, 2017

At Oculus Connect 3, the Facebook-owned VR company revealed a new minimum specification for VR-ready PC rigs that would take advantage of its Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW) technology. In doing so, the company has also partnered with CyberPowerPC to debut an AMD-fueled VR-ready rig that will come in at the low-price of $499 when bundled with an Oculus Rift headset at Best Buy or Amazon (this link’s coming soon, not available yet). However, it’s worth noting that the bundle price as a whole is actually set at $1,099.98.

Even though the rig itself was teased back in October, we didn’t know much about it at that time. Now, thanks to AMD and CyberPowerPC, we’ve got more details. For starters, the $499 price on the PC is only available if you buy a bundle from one of those two exclusive retail partners and the bundle is only available with a Rift.

And if you were to buy the PC separately, it would actually end up costing you approximately $649, meaning this bundle is shaving off about $150 from the cost of the PC. It’s designed for people new to VR that want to jump in with a full rig and headset all at once.

The cost of VR-ready hardware has continued to go down in the year since consumer headsets launched, making now a better time than ever to get into the market. Just last week at CES Asus debuted the VivoPC X, which is a compact, light-weight desktop built for portability without sacrificing power. Last year in August, CyberPowerPC had a VR-ready desktop for $720 and this new rig pushes that price down even lower.


AMD have dubbed the new minimum spec bundled computer as the ‘Gamer Ultra VR Desktop PC’ and it actually boasts relatively impressive specs:

CPU AMD FX 4350 @ 4.2GHz
GPU Radeon RX 470 4GB
System RAM 8GB DDR3 memory
Hard Drive Capacity 1TB 7200RPM
Optical Drive DVD+RW, DVD-RW
Keyboard + Mouse Included Yes
USB Connectivity 3x USB 3.0, 7x USB 2.0
Model # GUAVR3000B1

With bundles like this, the argument for building your own PC becomes more and more difficult to make. You’d be hard-pressed to make something of this quality at this price point, including a keyboard and mouse, without sacrificing something else.

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