‘Dark Souls’ Creator is ‘Hoping’ To Bring The Franchise To VR

by Charles Singletary • November 27th, 2016

The horror and suspense genres are ones that have benefited immediately from the growth of virtual reality. Jump scares, creepy ambiance, and such can already increase heart rates while watching on 2D monitors, but the isolated environment VR headsets provide enhances those tense elements in a huge way.

The Souls franchise, including Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne, and the three Dark Souls entries, is a collection of western action RPGs that lean heavily on horrific monsters and environments and the developers may turn to VR to highlight those components in 2017. Games like Chronos and Edge of Nowhere channel parts of what make the series so special.

The 2016 Golden Joystick Awards were held back on November 18th and there was a little nugget of information revealed during the pre-show live stream. Host Julia Hardy spoke with Atsuo Yoshimura, the producer for Dark Souls 3, about the Souls franchise and its notoriety for being difficult and horrifying. Further into that interview, Hardy shot off a rapid fire of questions like “What’s your take on VR? Are you for or against? Do you like the idea of it?” and then went for the more pointed question before he could even respond to the previous ones: “Are we going to see Dark Souls in VR? Because that would be so terrifying.”

Yoshimura responded “Yes,” before further clarifying that the development team is “hoping” to produce a Souls VR title. With such pressure from Hardy with her barrage of questions, Yoshimura may not have wanted to reveal that bit of information as soon as this. PlayStation VR has a solid stable of games thus far, but having a franchise as deep as the Souls games come to the platform would be monumental. The PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, CA is this December and we may get some more information then, but it still may be too soon for them to share a significant amount of information or gameplay. Fingers crossed that whatever they’re working on is a full game and not just a brief experience like some of the other PS VR exclusives.

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  • Pete T

    Bit late it’s already been done it’s called Chronos and it’s on Oculus Rift.

    • Buddydudeguy

      Except it’s not that hard and there’s not exactly a lot of customization or loot to be had.

      • Mike

        On the hardest difficulty it’s really insanely difficult. But I agree that the game does not focus heavily on customization or loot.

    • Narumi Ayumu


    • Ace Moon

      Yeah… no. Chronos is nothing like Dark Souls.

  • flavortang

    I hope that more people from outside the gaming community come in to develop experiences for VR. People in the gaming community are pretty much hard-wired to bring the tropes of video games into the VR sphere and I think the medium can do far more than just existing as a platform for ports of PC/console games that require you use a gamepad. Personally, that’s not what I want VR for.

  • Sam Tosh Wrangles

    Please make it happen From! And persuade Hidetaka Miyazaki to return to the souls series as he said there will be no more souls games, he knows what souls is about, Yui Tanimura made a fairly good game but it was not on par with DS1 or 3, though 1 was the better of those two, anyway yes, VR Souls!

  • jimrp

    Hope it is for all systems.

  • James Friedman

    That would be incredible

  • MainFragger

    8,000,000 Ways to Die in VR….

  • Jacob Stewart

    A perfect fit to revive their King’s Field series from the ps1-2 era. Which were 1st person Souls games or rather Souls are 3rd person King’s Field games. I do miss them.