Deracine: Where To Find All Eight Coins And What You Get For Them

by Jamie Feltham • November 9th, 2018

Deracine, the new game from Dark Souls developer From Software, is a pretty straightforward puzzler. However, there is one ‘side quest’ in the game that tasks you with finding eight coins hidden in the nooks and crannies of the game’s secluded boarding school. Gather them all and you can put them in a special box that, when unlocked, gives you a reward.

Whilst the game does give away the location of the first coin, the rest are all pretty tricky to find. With that in mind, we’ve put together all of their locations in one place both in video and written format. Take note that these coins are missable. you can only get them in levels where their corresponding rooms are open and, if you reach a point where they aren’t, you’ll have to start over again. Also keep in mind that when you pick up a coin, make sure to go and drop it in the box there and then. If you transition to another level without doing so, you’ll have to find it again later on. The box can be found on the ground floor in the small room to the left of the bottom of the stairs.

As for what you get? Well, if you don’t mind spoilers we’ll tell you that it’s actually a third ring, one that signifies friendship between faerie and humans. You put it on your little finger on your left hand. Sorry, it’s not another Bloodborne 2 teaser, but it does add some interesting layers to the story if you look closely at other character’s hands.

Coin #1 – Head to the inner garden and take a left at the door. There’s a tree tucked away at this end of the garden. Warp to it and circle around to the back. You’ll find a coin hidden inside a hole in the tree.

Coin #2 – Find the library at one end of the bottom floor of the house (in front of the Headmaster’s office). Go to the wall lined with bookcases and ladders. You can warp to the top of the tallest ladder. Once there, lean to the right a bit and the coin can be found just behind the side of a shelf.

Coin #3 – Head up to the clocktower. Look up and you’ll find you can warp up to the beams. Circle around to the back of the beam connecting to the roof. The coin is resting on the floor there.

Coin #4 – On the library side of the second floor there’s an always-locked door with a note on it. The coin is nestled in the small gap between the door and the floor.

Coin #5 – Once you’ve completed the herbs quest and can return to the inner garden, head back to where you got the herb from the dog, under the deck to the far right. This coin can be found where the dog used to be.

Coin #6 – Once you can gain access to the roof head back to the stairs leading up to the clocktower. Take the window out here and head along the path to your right. Stop before you’re first meant to turn left and instead look right to find a little alcove. Warp to the end and search the ground for the coin near the wall.

Coin #7 – When the music hall is open, head to where the kids are in the main room but don’t join them yet. Stay on the raised platform and go left. The chair furthermost from you has a mallot sitting on it.

Pick it up and then head into the music hall’s lobby and go upstairs. There’s an open window at the far end of the room you can warp to. Head there and crouch. A tiny door slides open revealing a note. It tells you the order in which you need to hit notes on the Xylophone directly behind you. Go and hit the numbers in the right order (2, 3, 1, 4) and pick up the coin that drops upon completion.

Coin #8 – You’ll eventually gain access to the Infirmary on the second floor of the main building. There’s a bed there with someone in it. Go to the side of the bed closest to the entrance and crouch by the wall. The coin’s under the bed, though it’s slightly hidden by a blanket dangling off the side. Reach under and grab it.

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