Check Out ‘Detached’ a Gorgeous Genre Bending Game Coming to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

by Joe Durbin • January 29th, 2016

How many genres can be packed into a single title? Developer Anshar Studios seems determined to answer that question by releasing the upcoming sci-fi-exploration-survival-adventure-platforming-puzzle title Detached for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift sometime in Q3 of this year. Along with a projected release date, the company released key details to UploadVR including the fact that the game is planned to cost $24.99 at launch.

One of the most important trends to track as we approach the commercial release of major HMDs will be what developers decide to charge for their experiences. Traditional console and PC games are hovering around a $60 price-range and many have wondered whether VR studios would follow this lead. There are some who expect a cheaper game to mean a shorter experience. Length is still up in the air, but when it comes to experience Detached does not seem to be cutting any corners at all.


Anshar Studios describes the game as, “a First Person Experience (FPX) game focused on rivalry, exploration and survival.” First Person Experiences are becoming more and more common in gaming. Popularized by titles like Gone Home, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, and Firewatch, FPX games focus on immersing you in a story-driven atmosphere and emphasize discovery rather than giving you a guns and more guns.

FPX is a perfect genre for immersive VR devices and if Detached executes well it could end up being a prime early-adoption experience for both Vive and Rift. Here is a synopsis of the game from Anshar Studios:

“After the corporation’s war over the alien artifact, the gamer will find his or herself as the sole survivor from his faction, trying to find his way back to Earth. During his long journey, he’ll not only be forced to explore the area looking for supplies like oxygen and fuel, but in order to survive he’ll also need to outwit and outrun a rival from the other faction. The first choice the gamer will have to make – which corporation to represent – will impact the story as well as quests to accomplish and puzzles to solve, but more importantly, it will also completely change the style of gameplay.”


These rival factions are explained more thoroughly in the studio’s fact sheet for the game:

“Genesis Corporation – one of two leading tech companies, has finally discovered a working alien artifact at one of their mining sites in Theta sector. Trying to keep it secret, they’ve silently started to transform the mine into a research and development facility. Careful not to alert competitors, they provided no extra security for their actions. But no such discovery can be kept under wraps for long. Soon enough, the R17 corporation – the biggest rival of Genesis – learned about the discovery. A small R17 attack squad consisting of a single light cruiser and a couple of dropships and fighters was sent to take control over the artifact.”

The rivalry and survival mechanics are placed front-and-center during the recently released launch trailer for the game.

Anshar Studios has not yet released more gameplay details about how the game will control — it looks pretty intense — or if there are differences between the two headset versions. We will bring you all of the details concerning Detached, including the finalized release date, as the year progresses.


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