Dick Wilde Is A VR Shooter In Which You Clear Out Mississippi’s Swamps

by Jamie Feltham • March 9th, 2017

Kittypocaylpse might be one of VR’s most guilt-ridden games, getting you to blow up scores of aliens disguised as adorable kittens. For its second game, Dick Wilde, developer Bolverk Games is going with a slightly more acceptable form of animal slaughter.

Dick Wilde isn’t a tower-defense game like Kittypocalypse, though. Instead, Bolverk has turned to the first-person shooter (FPS) genre for an unusually themed adventure. Cast as the titular character, you’re tasked with heading out into the swamps of Mississippi to take on dangerous hordes of animals threatening the local residents. In other words, it’s a wave shooter in which you’ll use position-tracked controls to kill approaching enemies.

I played an early build of the game a few months ago and, while hardly groundbreaking, I had a lot of fun blasting away alligators and piranhas as they began to swarm around me. The game’s claim to fame is its imaginative arsenal, which you can access over the course of nine levels. I saw a crossbow that would shoot out saw blades that could attack multiple targets, an electric baseball bat, and a trash cannon that fires deadly garbage. I’d use these to blast away crocodiles that slowly approach from afar, piranhas that bounced towards me, and birds that dropped less than pleasant aerial attacks. It was colorful fun.

Bolverk’s Bo Bennekov told UploadVR that the team thought of Dick Wilde as a party game where players might swap a headset over and try to beat high scores.

Dick Wilde 2

Dick Wilde will be on display at PAX East in Boston this weekend, but you won’t have to wait much longer to play it for yourself; the game’s due to release on Steam and Oculus Home on March 30th for $19.99. A PlayStation VR version is also planned, though a release date hasn’t been announced yet.

What's your reaction?
  • Me

    It looks fun, it’s shiny but…it’s another freacking wave shooter. I’ll pass.

    • Bo Bennekov

      Not A wave shooter. THE wave shooter. It’s the best. It’s that good. Great, actually. And good. Believe me. It is the goodest. (Disclaimer: CEO of the dev company)

      • Me

        I understand, but honestly my budget is not unlimited, and I’ve already been burnt by games with the same mechanics. My next purchasr won’t be a wave shooter, I’ve already have too many in my library, like probably most of the Vive users.

        • Bo Bennekov

          So. Here is a proposal! I will gift you the game, if you promise to write a review under this thread!

          • IamTylerDurden1

            Gift me the game on PSVR. I have Farpoint and the AIM controller preordered for the 16th. I heard you guys are supporting the AIM. Gift me the game and i will write a review and if it is enjoyable and utilizes the AIM controller well i will spread the word throughout N4G, Twitter, PSN, FB, ect.

  • 1droidfan

    No thanks, I hate when things jump for your face in VR like the crocs in that vid. and the fish in that photo. The spiders in Robo Recall give me enough stress, I cant see playing a game where that happens near constantly.

    • Bo Bennekov

      Things will only get to your face if you do not posses the gun-wielding skill to stop them! I challenge you! (Disclaimer: CEO of Bolverk Games)