Speculation: Did “Loading Human” developers Untold Games just hint an impending release date announcement for Oculus CV1 and Sony Morpheus?

by Will Mason • March 3rd, 2015

In wake of the major announcement last week that not only would HTC and Valve be teaming up to release their own VR headset, but would be releasing a consumer version this holiday season. Those developers who are working with the HTC Vive headsets have released information online through social media, blog posts, and emails giving the VR a community a glimpse into what they have in store. Now, a successful Kickstarter campaign by Untold Games sent out an update mentioning that “something tells [them] we should have updates pretty soon” in regards to upcoming consumer ready devices including those manufactured by Oculus and Sony. Untold Games even slapped a big high-resolution image of the Vive VR headset at the front of the post. Speculation leads us to think they know something more than most.

Here’s the post in question:



Exciting times for VR! Htc and Valve announced their own HMD available for holiday 2015. We finally have a starting date! But what will be the date of Oculus and Sony..? Something tells me we should have updates pretty soon.

NOTE: This article was written in collaboration with Matthew Terndrup. UploadVR will be covering all things virtual reality at GDC 2015. We will be hunting down as many Vive VR demos as we can in addition to finding out what Oculus is up to. Sony is on our radar as well as NVIDIA and Qualcomm. We are especially curious to what OSVR is up too. Keep checking back with us for continuous update from the ground as we report on all the VR-related items we encounter!

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