Community Download: Will Sony Become The New King Of Virtual Reality?

by Joe Durbin • September 11th, 2016

The Virtual Reality scene, as it stands today, is mainly a war between two titans: Oculus and HTC.

In one corner you have Oculus — the company that many consider to be the “father” of modern VR. In addition to having arguably the most recognizable name in the industry, Oculus and its Oculus Rift headset also have a powerful relationship with Samsung, and the full might of an unfathomably powerful parent company behind it: Facebook.

In the other corner you have HTC — the company that brought our hands into high-end VR first and ratcheted the industry forward through its “room-scale” experiences. HTC’s Vive headset also benefits from its association to the company that co-developed the system: Valve.

Valve, Oculus, Facebook, and HTC are currently shaking the foundations of the VR world as they battle for supremacy in the marketplace, but as mighty as they are their cacophony is about to be joined by a sleeping giant that is just beginning to stir: Sony.

On October 13 Sony is releasing its PlayStation VR headset. The base system will be considerably cheaper than either the Rift or Vive at $399 USD and it is compatible with the wildly successful PlayStation 4 game console — which over 40 million people already own.

Last week, Sony also announced its new PS4 Pro, with expanded hardware that will reportedly boost the performance of the PS VR headset, even if some of us are unimpressed so far.

The question on the table today for the UploadVR Community Download is this: will Sony, and the PS VR, be successful enough to become the undisputed king of VR? 

The massive install base of PS4s alone is cause enough to bring legitimacy to the question of if Sony’s headset sales cam dwarf those of its rivals quickly and ferociously. Combine that with an impressive catalogue of highly anticipated launch titles, and a decades long history of rolling out dominant gaming systems, and you have a recipe for a champion. But what do you think? Do Oculus and HTC have too much of a head start to be overtaken  by this relative upstart? Or will the Japanese juggernaut just keep doing what it does best: win?

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the PS VR will cost $350, when the base retail price is actually $399.

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