“The Displaced” from the NY Times is a moving first VR experience for many

by Ian Hamilton • November 8th, 2015

The first major VR documentary from the New York Times, “The Displaced”, is now available for viewing from several places.

You can watch it on Youtube, which is embedded in this post, or in the NYT’s new VR app (iPhone or Android). “The Displaced” is also available in the VRSE apps on Android, iPhone or in the Gear VR. If you own a Gear VR that would be my recommended way of seeing it because the head strap allows for more stable viewing than hand-holding a Cardboard. The video is about 329 megabytes.

Broad availability for the 11-minute panoramic video, along with distribution by the NY Times of 1 million Google Cardboards, means the documentary is one of the most easily accessible pieces of content made for the new medium. Combined with the reach of one of the world’s largest and most highly respected news organizations, the documentary is introducing a lot of people to basic VR for the first time with a hard hitting piece of journalistic content that can bring people to tears. The video shows an intimate look into the lives of three children displaced from their homes in war-torn regions. The video accompanies a multi-part article in the New York Times Magazine.

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