Doom VFR Looks Bloody Glorious In New Screenshots

by Jamie Feltham • October 2nd, 2017

With VR ports of Skyrim and Fallout 4 on the way, it’s easy to forget that Bethesda is also releasing a new Doom game for the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR (PSVR) soon, but these new images show you why you shouldn’t.

A handful of crisp new screenshots of the VR shooter have just arrived and can be seen below. So far we’ve only got one trailer for Doom, so it’s nice to see a bit more of the game, including the return of some of its many enemies, locations and weapons.

We recently had a chance to go hands-on with the game yet again, though we found it rather easy to exploit the new locomotion mechanic, which slows down time.

Doom VFR hits HTC Vive and PSVR on December first for $29.99. An Oculus Rift version has not yet been announced.

What's your reaction?
  • impurekind

    Man, this game is gonna look so sweet in VR.

    • MowTin

      I’ve been playing Doom 3 BFG and that is already one of the best VR games. I don’t scare easily and that game often causes me to jump and that’s with those old enemy models. I can’t imagine these detailed scary monsters with amazing animation. Remember that the quality of the animation is one of the things that distinguishes Doom. Also, when you shoot an arm or a leg you see that part get shot off.

      Regardless of the resolution all that awesomeness will be there.

  • mirak

    most VR game looks good in 2D screenshots, like Obduction or Arizona Sunshine, but the headsets quality make it look less beautifull.
    I think the most good looking game to me inside the VR headset me was Hover Junkers.

    • TDUBS

      Nah son…Lone Echo by far is the best looking VR game.

      • Dave

        I think RoboRecall has them all beat.

        • Jason Lovegren

          Very good contenders. (Lone Echo and RoboRecall) I also believe the from other suns is beautiful even though it has a ton of performance bugs. If i had to vote right now, I’d say lone echo because they won with the arm animations, it’s nearly perfect.

  • polysix

    Just a shame they are not releasing it officially for the best GEN 1 system out there (Rift) and yeah I’ve owned vive and psvr – janky p.o.s’s that they are I had to sell them again. Rift is the best gen 1 all -round, and Zenimax are being total a££-clowns about this, it’ll come back to bite them on lack of sales and lack of future support for them by turning their back on the largest growing audience in VR right now (Rift owners and post sales rift owners), Vive is dying big time, PSVR has plateaued, only rift is growing and kills those other systems for actual VR with less drawbacks.

    • Donald Bennett-Mace

      Still trolling? Lmao!

      • Crunchy005

        He tries so hard to justify his rift in every post…Because you know he has owned all of the headsets ever…

      • Graham

        Good old Polysix REALLY loves his rift…… 🙂

      • Get Schwifty!

        To his credit he was quite the fan of Vive in the beginning…. while I don’t normally use his tone of expression, its worth considering that his judgement comes from direct experience unlike many of the folks on here who make broad comments, at least in comparing the overall experience of using both platforms.

    • Crunchy005

      Someone hurt that they can’t play doom on their rift…lol. On top of that all the vive owners can play oculus exclusives but no hack for oculus to play vive games. Thanks Facebook for that closed off software ecosystem.

      • Jason Lovegren

        Rift Owner here: Not trying to start an argument but I’ve been able to play every Vive game so far on my rift (The ones I tried anyways). This includes (Raw data, accounting, Gorn, the lab, and others) Steam is generally open source to multiple headsets. Windows mix reality will be another contender. And honestly you think someone won’t find a way to make it work for the rift (doom and Fallout are very popular) I’m not a troll either because I’m very much looking forward to these games and it will be a shame if i have to wait. Revive works because Oculus allows it to work, hopefully steam would think the same way. I’m a big fan of both headsets but I did go with the rift.. I have a feeling this game will work for us too, even if it isn’t official.

  • MowTin

    This is going to be epic! Even if the image quality won’t be like those shots, the art will and the weapons will look incredible.

  • Michael Brown

    Will it have Aim controller support?

    • Korbin Leary

      No Aim support sadly…