Doom VFR Mods Enable Smooth Locomotion On Vive/Rift

by Jamie Feltham • December 4th, 2017

Doom VFR released last week and, while we quite liked the game on the HTC Vive, the lack of smooth locomotion when using the headset’s motion controllers has proved to be a big issue for many. Unsurprisingly, the modding community has come to the rescue.

Over the weekend two solutions for smooth locomotion on the PC version of Doom VFR have popped up; one for the game’s native Vive support and the other for the unofficial Oculus Rift support, made possible through SteamVR.

On Vive, Reddit user omarehaly posted a link to what he’s called ‘Doom VFL’ (which brilliantly stands Virtual Fu**ing Locomotion). It’s a mod that enables full locomotion with the left Vive controller, whilst also adding gun vibration to the right hand, which holds your assortment of pistols and rifles. Movement is handled with the Vive’s trackpad, presumably replacing the dashing system that was there before. We haven’t tried it for ourselves but, judging by the comments on the post, it’s working very well for some.

Meanwhile, on Rift, SpeakeasyArcade posted detailed instructions on how to get smooth locomotion working with the headset’s Oculus Touch controllers, which feature analog sticks. This solution uses AutoHotKey and is a little lengthier to perfectly fine-tune. Again, we haven’t tried this solution for ourselves but reactions in the thread suggest it’s working pretty nicely.

The PlayStation VR (PSVR) version, meanwhile, already has smooth locomotion with the Aim controller, which is handy seeing as you can’t really mod that version.

You can always depend on mods to smooth these things out (literally in this case). In fact, we’d suspected it would be the modding community that would get Doom VFR running on the Oculus Rift last week when it turned out the game wasn’t working in SteamVR. Thankfully, Valve took it upon itself to address that issue.

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  • Walextheone

    The question is, why didn’t the devs add this as an option when it just takes a couple of hours for some modders.
    Everyone knows it’s a feature that stands high up on everyones list.

    Must be a suit somewhere that thought it would not be good?

    • Mike Hamner

      I think the game developers are so worried someone will sue them for getting sick that they are ready to handy cap there games to try and prevent this. Apparently even at the cost of making what would be good games into bad ones .

      • Raphael

        Developers have to be very disconnected from public opinion to do this. A year ago we were in the midst of the nausea hysteria and they could have gotten away with it. A year on and non-vomit gamers are no longer excluded from VR games at least with most new games we’ve seen in 2017. Payday 2 and Doom VFR devs apparently believe all gamers vomit with full locomotion.

    • wetto

      Or someone who said “The PSVR version must have enhancements over the superior PC version, or else it’ll look too bad! Quick, let’s remove an important feature and make it exclusive for it!”

      • Dredogg

        Or they’ll add it as paid DLC -_-

      • care package

        Sounds like something Sony would do actually. Kind of rhymes with Destiny’s console parity.

      • Sven

        I would hardly call it enhancements, AIM and DS4 support feel shoehorned in at the last moment.

        Even though you can turn on smooth free rotation, you can’t turn off going where you are looking, two systems working against each other. The grenade launcher looks to be sticking out of your neck, pointed 15 degrees up in your fov. Strafing breaks aiming as the gun gets jerked in the opposite direction and jitters uncontrollably. Alternate fire is mapped to square, which needs to be held, which makes it impossible to turn at the same time. No alternate fire while circle strafing.

        With the DS4 the aiming is off 15 degrees to high so you have to point your head slightly down and look up with your eyes to aim. The guns now both seem to stick out of your neck, feels more like driving a badly calibrated gun turret.

        AIM and DS4 are only better since playing with move is practically impossible thanks to being limited to 180 degree turns, a Vive feature!

        The game was rushed. Patch 1.02 is already out, more last minute bug fixes. At least it wasn’t another 10GB patch as on day 1.

        So instead of blaming Sony, perhaps be grateful there’s a modding community on PC to fix things 🙂 AZ Sunshine and Skyrim handle move much better than Doom VFR, who do we blame! Bethesda can’t learn from Bethesda, erm.

  • Angelo Overmeier

    Unfortunately there is still a bug for people who are using a 1080ti and an Oculus Rift. The game seems to have judder even though it is running at 90 fps. Not sure if Vive has the same problem on 1080ti.

    • Caven

      I run a 1080Ti and haven’t experienced judder on the Vive in Doom VFR.

      • Angelo Overmeier

        ok good to know. 🙂 i hope that fallout 4 wont have the Issue

      • Daniel Kennard

        Same here – smooth as silk

    • Jaap Olsthoorn

      I think I suffer from the same issue, on a 1070. I can’t figure out what’s causing it, but it’s pretty much unplayable in this state. Head movement just completely messes up the frames somehow… I also play on Rift btw.

      • Angelo Overmeier

        hmm then it seems to be a rift Issue. i really hope that they will fix it.

  • ender707

    Payday 2 also has locomotion via a mod, and it seems to break each time the game is updated. I think i will still pass on this until if/when the devs add it in.

  • Jeremy Widerman

    I really want to play this game but I’m not gonna buy it until they officially support Oculus and Free Locomotion. I’m sure I could get it running fine but I’m getting really sick of having to mod games to get them to play like I want. It’s actualyl pretty funny because I find that the majority of people who own VR on PC are hardcore gamers and they seem like the ones that get the least motion sickness as well as wanting the highest level of customization. It really makes no sense to me that they have excluded this feature and it feels like it was intentional because they knew modders would add it in therefore absolving them of the responsibility of it at all. Meanwhile on PS4 its impossible to mod so they kinda had to add it.

  • mirak

    I don’t dislike the teleport in Doom VFR, since I use a similar mode in Serious Sam.
    But some tweeks needs to be done.
    You can only step dash front left back right, with no in between, while the touchpad can understand intermediate positions.
    The jump distance is too long Since there is a touchpad, maybe it could sense how far you want to dash, depending how far you touch.

    I don’t like the bullet time teleport.
    In Serious Sam it’s not needed, beause you can’t really miss your teleport, while in Doom like Arizona Sunshine, if the teleport line is not green, then you don’t move, so you waste time finding a spot you can go.
    In Serious Sam there is less issues. If there is a wall, you teleport dash and you stop at the wall, if there is a monster, you go through it and you take damage.
    If there is a hole between you and the teleport point, then you fall in the hole.

    In Arizona Sunshine it’s awfull you are blocked to easily, and it seems it similar with Doom, except you can telefrag in some cases.