DOOM VFR Does Not Work On Oculus Rift At Launch

by David Jagneaux • November 30th, 2017
Doom VFR doesn't work on Oculus Rift but it does work on Windows-based VR headsets like the HMD from Lenovo.

Update 3: We’ve now tried it for ourselves and can confirm Doom VFR now works with the Oculus Rift.

Update 2: An update to the SteamVR Beta notes “added placeholder hidden area mesh for Rift users as a work around for Doom VFR and other titles experiencing launch issues.” We’re frankly not sure what that means, but it suggests the failure of Doom VFR to launch on Rift is a temporary bug and not related to the ZeniMax lawsuit.

Earlier story below:

The burning question at the top of every Oculus Rift owner’s mind ever since E3 this year has been: Will DOOM VFR and Fallout 4 VR work on the Oculus Rift, natively, through Steam? Bethesda has been careful with their language ever since these games were announced and the Store pages clearly list only HTC Vive. But now, at long last, we finally have the answer to the first half of that question: No, it does not appear that you can play DOOM VFR with an Oculus Rift, at least at this moment.

After we published our full review of the PSVR edition of the game, Bethesda sent us a download code for the Steam version. Officially, the Steam Store Page only lists HTC Vive as a supported headset and it looks like that was intentional.

Anyone that’s tried playing a Vive game with a Rift successfully in the past probably assumed it would “just work” with the Rift, but we’ve found otherwise. When I load the game up on my Vive I get a series of splash screens and logos, photosentitivity warnings, and a loading screen. After that the main menu appears. When I try it using my Oculus Rift however, the game boots me back to the SteamVR Home space in between the loading screen and the main menu.

It never finishes launching the game.

Update: We’ve tested the same version of Doom VFR with a Lenovo Windows-based VR headset and it worked. The analog stick does nothing but the trackpad works just as it does on Vive. If you decide you want to try this with a Windows-based VR headset you need a VR Ready PC with high-end specifications, at least for now.

We’ve reached out to Bethesda for a comment, but to understand the situation you have to know that Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax, is currently undergoing an ugly legal battle with Oculus’s parent company, Facebook. We’ve covered that case and ensuing trial plenty but we don’t know if that was a contributing factor to preventing Rift access to the game. Ideally, support will arrive sooner rather than later. And the community will undoubtedly try hacking a solution together if an official one isn’t supported.

Back when the Rift was on Kickstarter and John Carmack still worked at Id (which is also owned by ZeniMax), a modified version of Doom 3: BFG was originally promised as a title to be shipped with the Oculus Rift. But the game never came to Rift officially and Carmack took his VR expertise to Oculus and became their chief technology officer. ZeniMax eventually sued. From our report covering the verdict in the case earlier this year:

The legal battle between ZeniMax Media and Oculus VR has a verdict from the jury. In the first of many questions put to the jury, they decided Oculus did not misappropriate trade secrets.

The jury, however, also decided that Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey failed to comply with a non-disclosure agreement he signed, as did Oculus by extension. Oculus and its co-founders Luckey and Iribe were found to owe ZeniMax $500 million as a result of copyright infringement and “false designation.” We’ve uploaded the full 90-page document the jury filled out here.

Have you tried playing DOOM VFR on a Rift yet? Let us know down in the comments below! We will continue updating this story once we find out more.

Note: Additional context added regarding the legal battle between Oculus and Bethesda parent company ZeniMax. Also added that we tested it successfully with Windows VR.

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  • The same, back to Steam Home after loading.

  • Buddydudeguy

    wow. They are turning down millions of dollars and pissing off a huge consumer base.

    • Cl

      But they already got 500million from the lawsuit.. seems like they are willing to take the hit.

      • Arv

        Facebook haven ‘t paid them a penny yet, that’s part of the problem lol

      • Brian

        which is not over…

    • CQCoder

      Sort of like Facebook.

  • lepter

    well….thats that. i guess i just bought my last bethesda game. time to sell my fallout merchendise. bethesda officially suck.

    • CQCoder

      The level of hypocrisy is incredible.

      • Bookoo

        What hypocrisy are you referring to? Sure there are going to be upset people but I also see a bunch of gloating from Vive users, who used to rant against the idea of exclusivity and how they wouldn’t support the practice. I even saw people saying they wouldn’t even support timed exclusives.

        • Bob Smith

          I think he means the hypocrisy from some VIVE owners.

          Given the bashing DOOM is getting on Steam right now from OTHER Vive owners, I think the juvenile crowing is going to die down a little. Rift owners might have actually dodged a bullet with this one. I personally wouldn’t play it without joystick locomotion. Even Doom 3 VR has that … and it’s great.

          • Daniel Kennard

            I think “bashing” is perhaps leaning towards the side of hyperbole, however I must admit to being disappointed with such seemingly trivial issues being present at launch. I’m going to give it a day or so before I fire it up in the hope that a patch or two will be rolled-out.

  • Veraxus

    Neglecting the single largest VR gaming community on the planet seems like a pretty terrible business decision. Well, now we know for certain that they do not have any plans on going public.

    • Henry Yopp

      It is available on PSVR.

      • Buddydudeguy

        Oh goody, crap graphics and gun face.

    • CQCoder

      What exactly are you basing ‘largest vr community’ on? Past that..whatever…Facebook has been making exclusives constantly. Exclusives in general are bad but for Rift users to get upset about it is just silly.

      • koenshaku

        Exactly, look forward to your Marvel exclusive and relax. BTW I was just playing Doom on Vive and it is awesome! =) Best looking game in VR I have played so far! Can’t wait for Fallout 4 =)

        • Buddydudeguy

          Awesome my arse. Early reviews are coming in and it sounds bad anyways. You’re just trying to rub salt in the wound like a troll.

          • koenshaku

            By your logic Arizona Sunshine is crap too because it received poor reviews on the PSVR? As much as you want the game to be crap I think they did an amazing job for what it is and it is best looking game I have played in VR yet. I haven’t tried it on WMR yet though because the space was too small in my room. ^^

          • john C

            Just tried Doom VFR…its really an amazing game…the size of the beast alone will overwhelm you….

          • koenshaku

            Yeah especially the one that charges you at the start LOL

          • Bob Smith

            Troll number two. I trust Steam users more than random trolls.

          • koenshaku

            Steam reviews are mixed because many OR owners purchased the game and cannot play it or people with system hardware limitations are running into issues.

          • Bob Smith

            Hahahahahahahhah! More bullshit from you. The steam reviews I’ve read are all from Vive owners and the no left hand, no traditional locomotion (unless you use a gamepad? WTF?) off scale world and AND awkward gun placement have NOTHING to do with their respective hardware specs–which are more than enough to run the game in any event.

            Try again, trollboy. Try again.

          • koenshaku

            Actually it has everything to do with hardware, I experienced no such thing. I will admit though that the gun placement is a little odd, but far from a deal breaker. I guess you can’t confirm anything yourself though.. Which is a shame..

          • Bob Smith

            Guess what, koenshaku?

            You came here because you thought you could troll owners who can’t play the game, talking about how great it is.

            Now I know you’re full of shit, because now I HAVE played the game. 🙂

            It has one of the worst implementations of VR I’ve ever seen, and I have played hundreds of VR games. Inexplicably bad design implementation after inexplicably bad design implementation. The controls are HORRIBLE. The most crippled locomotion I’ve yet to see. Teleport OR “dash” forward a few feet? This is a supposed to be an AAA game and that’s it? Whoever thought it would be a good idea to omit traditional locomotion from the VIVE version should be fired. But like I just said that’s just one of many bizarre design decisions. The whole game plays like it was made by someone who has no idea what’s currently considered good vr game design. There are dozens of indie games with a fraction of DOOM’s budget that blow it away in almost every area. Who thought it would be good to have little jet engines(?)/blasts of st!!eam(?) whatever THE HELL that’s supposed to be shooting out of your wrists? Hey I know! Let’s make the already crippled hands even LESS immersive by adding jet exhaust shooting out of your disembodied wrists! Kind of like your hands are little rockets! Won’t that look cool?

            Uh …. no. No it will not. The ONLY thing the game has going for it are some nice graphics and even those look soft on a high end machine compared to something like Robo Recall.

            You want to come on here and squawk like a chicken about how great this game is and try to rub it in Rift owners faces because you THOUGHT we wouldn’t be able to play it?

            Joke’s on you dude. You can keep your crappy “exclusive.” There are a million other better VR games to play.

          • koenshaku

            I actually prefer the dash to locomotion because I get motion sick. You see how that works? People can have different opinions and preferences and relax dude you sound like a maniac, it is difficult to believe you even played the game reading this drivel. The game looks fantastic on ultra and I am enjoying playing it. Too bad you didn’t have the same experience I look forward more titles from Bethesda in the next couple weeks. Keep your head dude you guys deserved a little teasing for a change with the exclusives facebook has been locking down lately. 😛

          • Bob Smith

            I’m against ANYONE making their VR games exclusives because A: I’m not a dick like you, and B: I want what’s best for the VR community. Vive owners and Rift owners should all be able to play the same games. And they CAN, because, although you are apparently too dumb to know about it, VIVE owners can play Rift games with ReVIVE. If there was a RIft game VIVE owners couldn’t play, the LAST thing I would do is try to rub that fact their faces because, again, I’m not a dick.

            You are, and you got called out for it, and you can keep trying to change the subject all you want–you’re still a dick.

          • koenshaku

            I agree with you, you are not a dick more like an egotistical unhinged moronic fanboy I would gather from going back and forth with you. I am sure you aren’t as passionate Oculus exclusives on the Oculus store, because you play them and say they’re the best games VR has to offer.

            I have a couple issues with Revive 1. it’s a hack that Facebook can pulled the plug on in an update at any time and they reserved the right to do just that. 2. I used it and for some reason I was having issues with some of my steam titles trying to launch from oculus home among other bugs I didn’t care enough to troubleshoot.

            Lastly you and the funniest thing I read from you is that I am a failed troll LOL. You are a troll or you aren’t there is no in between, so it is good that you have come to that conclusion even though you seem like you didn’t even realize it. Do you know what I do when I see articles about facebook exclusive games? Absolutely nothing because I don’t really care. While poking at a hypocritical fool such as yourself has been fun it didn’t last very long now that Doom VFR is no longer exclusive.

            Enjoy your gaming and relax bud.

          • Bob Smith

            Bla bla bla bla. I’ve never seen someone type so much and say so little. I like how I call you a fanboy–which you clearly are–and you turn right around and call me a fanboy immediately afterward. Too stupid to come up with your own insults? Of course you are. You can’t even string two coherent sentences together!

            “I agree with you, you are not a dick more like an egotistical unhinged moronic fanboy I would gather from going back and forth with you”

            What the hell?

            You realize that just sounds like total gibberish, right? Right? I mean, you’re trying as HARD as you can to insult me, but all I can do is laugh because none of it makes any sense.

            Now is the time when I tell you to fuck off for good. I mean, you can keep spitting out your gibberish, but no one’s going to understand it, definitely not me and I’m pretty sure, not even you. So fuck off now, koenshaku, you tried to troll, failed and got called out for it, and now I’m done with you.

          • Buddydudeguy

            Wut? Arizona Sunshine is…ok, and is available on all 3 headsets. I don’t see your point.

          • koenshaku

            The point is only the PSVR version was reviewed here. I think they did an excellent job on the PC version though my gun angle is a little weird.

          • Bob Smith

            Its true. Even Vive owners on Steam are ripping on the game. koenshaku’s just another troll.

        • Bob Smith

          Fuck you, troll.

    • Second largest* (if we don’t count mobile) PSVR is the largest.

      • Buddydudeguy

        Only because of cost and accessibility. Not because it’s better. Far from it.

        • Ryne Landers

          Which doesn’t change the point at all.

        • Ståhej

          Well, the rift is more popular because of cost. Not because it’s better *shrug*

          • Buddydudeguy

            Uh…it IS a better platform. Objectively speaking. It’s a fact. The PS4 is woefully under powered.

          • Ståhej

            Try reading properly next time. I was talking about the rift and the vive….

          • polysix

            Rift *IS* better than Vive though. I’ve had both. Rift is a lot better in pretty much every area except tracking where it’s on par in most users cases.

            Please don’t tell me you are stuck in Summer 2016 still thinking that the higher priced one must be ‘better’? Get a rift and see for yourself the higher quality build, screens, controllers, lenses, packaging, front end (software), ergonomics, comfort, ease of use, fit and finish, screen clarity, black levels… there is no area where the vive is technically better (except sometimes with larger room tracking) and many areas where it is much worse than Rift. Stop talking BS. those of us who’ve had them all (inc PSVR as I have) know the truth. Rift is the ONLY polished and fully realised consumer system in gen1. The new windows MR stuff doesn’t even touch it, so VIVE with it’s janky ergonomics, awful SDE, crappy touchpads and bad reliability surely doesn’t.

          • Buddydudeguy

            The conversation branch was about PSVR and Rift, and you go randomly referring to the Vive, and then tell ME to pay attention. Does that sum it up? But OK, lets do this. Rift is better than Vive too. That heavy uncomfortable headset…more screen door effect, no built in audio, you have to buy the “delux”, audio strap, the wands suck, SDK is not as good as Rifts, WAY more expensive…where to start?

          • Ståhej

            The “conversation branch” was about the largest pice of hmd:s, rift, being ignored. Someone said that psvr is the largest. You said it was only because of the price, not because it’s better (which really is where the off-topic discussion started) and then I said that it only was that because of the price.

            Most people that own/have used both are saying that they are essentially the same, which is supported by their spec sheets. Vive has somewhat better tracking out of the box while rift can get a bit better than the vive with more cameras (because of the deadzone when you aim at a lighthouse with a stock for example)

            We all don’t have tiny toothpicks as necks. I personally have never even thought about the weight of the headset. Maybe you should try to be more physically active so you’re not so fragile? I haven’t had any comfort issues either.

            The touch controllers have more modern tech. However, which controller that is best is just an opinion based on your preferences. I’ve always liked the xbox controller over the playstation one because I want something tangible to hold on to, the ps controllers simply are too small and the feedback doesn’t feel good. So I don’t see the fact that the wands are bigger as a con, it’s a pro. The wands are physically more like grips on rifles and since I mostly play onward that suits me very well. I also like the trackpad, it’s very responsive.

            What about the SDK? Rift will obviously run better on the occulus SDK while the Vive will run better on steamVR. That’s a no brainer.

            Biggest reason I chose Vive over Rift: Facebook and their exclusivity bs.

            The ONLY pros that the Rift has over Vive for ME is the price and the elimination of the deadzone in tracking (which will be fixed with tracking 2.0 since you can have more than 2 lighthouses then). The rift didn’t officially support 3 cameras when I bought my vive so that didn’t have any impact.

            Really looking forward to upgrading to the pimax 8k, which actually will be objectively better for once!

          • Rotaryknight

            which goes to show you cost is everything. doesnt matter if the competing products is 10 times better when the product is out of reach for consumers in price

          • polysix

            It’s not just about price, marketing too, and the fact there are 60 million or w/e PS4s out there already and ready to do (substandard) VR. Yes I have a PS4, yes I owned PSVR for a month, pretty cool but awful tracking and very low res.

            I preferred it to my vive in many ways though but ultimately sold them both. Got the rift in the sale and man it’s 10X better than both. Ergonomics, controls, screen clarity (other than god rays which PSVR doesn’t have but were worse in vive). Rift is the best. I know it, you know it, Norm from tested knows it. I’m far from a fan of facebook but Its a fact. PSVR is woeful but cheap, Vive is janky and expensive (giving a false impression of quality), and rift had an image problem early on cos of u-turns and facebook. Now though? Rift is hands down the best gen 1 VR experience going. there will be nothing better until true Gen 2 stuff shows up.

          • Brian Brown

            Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man…… I prefer the Vive. I have a big room, and there is no other HMD that can let me use all of it. Steam VR is also something I love. All my friends are on Steam.

          • polysix

            Rift is more popular because of cost *AND* because it’s a much better system. I’ve had both and sold vive after a couple of months it was horrible to use, bad to control, bad SDE, bad comfort.

            Rift is like gen 1.5 next to Vive (which was closer to my old DK2 except for tracking and controls). Nobody believes Vive is better any more, and the price issue is simply because HTC can’t sell as cheaply as Rift. Rift is a MUCH higher quality product all round, from HMD to controllers, to packing.

    • Ethan James Trombley

      Vive still has market share by a razer thin edge. Rift is actually number 4 after mobile, PSVR, and Vive. Though I did just buy a rift on black friday. I cant really judge it against my Vive since mine is having the floor tilt issue, which makes everything sickening.

      • Jonny

        Absolutely wrong. It has a slight edge on Steam, but plenty of people don’t use Steam.

        • Caven

          I have a lot of trouble believing that there are very many people who are interested in playing games in VR, but don’t have Steam. I’ve done some testing with the Steam hardware survey, and all that’s necessary for the Steam Hardware Survey to detect the Oculus Rift is for it to be plugged in. There’s no need to have the Rift running in Steam VR or even have the Oculus software installed. Take a Rift out of the box, plug it into the computer, and the Steam Hardware Survey will recognize it.

        • Ethan James Trombley

          Could you site your references for this please?

  • Martin Haggas

    Lol pretty rich for Oculus users to be crying foul about exclusive content.

    • Buddydudeguy

      There is nothing stopping a Vive user from playing a Oculus Home title, try again.

      • Henry Yopp

        Only because CrossVR created a hack (Revive) to enable that to happen, so try again. It is possible that someone will release a hack to allow Rift users to play Doom VFR as well. There is no difference between these circumstances, other than the shoe being on the other foot now.

        • Buddydudeguy

          So show me the app or hack to play it? Wait there isn’t one, so we are locked from playing it.

          • Cl

            Wasn’t there a point when there wasn’t a hack for vive users to play oculus games? Seems the same to me.

          • koenshaku

            That is because it is the same.

        • Frogacuda

          When Oculus was trying to block ReVive, then yeah, that sucked and they were in the wrong. Now ReVive is more or less unofficially supported, so I think it’s different. This appears to be intentionally breaking Oculus support, rather than simply not supporting it natively.

          • koenshaku

            emphasis on “unofficially” supported you buy at your own peril oculus said they will shut it down at anytime. I wouldn’t buy anything from that shaky store to begin with.

          • Brian

            “This appears to be intentionally breaking Oculus”

            What proof do you have?

          • Frogacuda

            None, hence “appears,” but let’s be real here. We all know what’s going on.

        • Which Oculus did nothing to stop from working. In fact CrossVR has been referenced by Oculus themseleves and palmer lucky donated a sizable amount to the project.

          • mpisc192

            Palmer is no longer an Oculus employee.

          • Caven

            Oculus did attempt to block ReVive from working. They only backed off when ReVive had to implement a complete DRM bypass to get around the Oculus hardware check.

    • CQCoder

      Exactly. It makes me laugh. Wait til Fallout 4 VR drops.

    • Ballpeen

      Any Oculus exclusives have always been for a temporary amount of time, usually in return for Oculus contributing to the development of the title or some similar deal with the developers.

      • Daniel Kennard

        That is simply not true.

        • Ned Hoon

          Im a Rift owner and I buy software from both Steam and Oculus as I believe most PC VR folk do I leave the bullshit to folks like you Daniel I cant be bothered worrying about the little things.

          • Daniel Kennard

            I’m very, very confused by your apparent anger at my response.

            There are several Rift exclusives which are not “for a temporary amount of time” – The original comment is patently false and can easily be disproved.

            Your vitriol seems misplaced

  • Comedykev

    Give it time and someone will make a unlock tool, just like Google maps originally

  • gothicvillas

    Tbh Facebook deserves this

  • Alehandoro

    Im my channel of youtube: “alehandoro vr” (in spanish) I have made a live and as you can see when it reaches 100% the game closes and does not allow to play with Oculus Rift.

    • Cdaked

      I was looking, Alehandoro. It works with Vive and Windows Mixed Reality.

  • Steve

    It’s a weird decision by Bethesda/Zenimax. They could have had the moral high ground. There will almost certainly be a workaround available soon, so Rift users will still play, but Bethesda/Zenimax will be cast in a negative light.

    • CQCoder

      Sort of depends on if you have Rift or not. I think they are pretty cool.

      • Bob Smith

        Uh huh. Just like if one of your friends is a dick to other people but nice to you, you think he’s a great guy, right?

    • Jacob Mueller

      Zenimax have repeatedly shown that they don’t give a flying fuck about the moral high ground, or gaming culture. They want to be right, every time, all the time. They’ve sued a disgusting number of indy developers over the title of their game – not even the content. They’re the most litigious gaming company in the world.

    • Guru Guy

      Without the lawsuit they probably would have had Oculus Rifts in their development/testing program. No matter how well SteamVR tries to tie hardware together under one SDK, there will always be issues when hardware is significantly different from each other.

  • iUserProfile

    Oh god these comment sections here have become a pit of weeping plattform-war babies. PSVR yadda yadda. Occulus here, Vive there. It’s just pityful.

    • Daniel Kennard

      It’s pretty depressing really. I lived through the console wars of the ’80s & ’90s and it was just as awful back then. My suspicion is that many of the negative comments are from folk who don’t even yet own a high-end VR headset – they’ve just got caught up in the cult-like mentality.

    • Ned Hoon

      Im a Rift user and personally Im so happy just to have VR as part of my gaming its amazing whatever you use I waited 30 years for it and it was well worth the wait for me.

  • ilwis

    Same deal with me loads up the disclaimer then closed me into the white room.
    For all the Hitting on the company’s that have made exclusive content, Really? you guys are basically saying that ford or Holden are s holes because you cant use parts of one car on the other without owning that brand of car.. its basic company strategy and deals to provide the company with more revenue so that they have the money to make a bigger better game for you, so don’t be a hater just because you don’t get what you want because you don’t own whatever it is. and you all know this but its not like its never coming to Oculus its just delayed to honer deals with business partners like all company’s do (evin small company’s)
    FYI I only own a Oculus and i am glad there is as much flexibility as there is, It could have been that every game was totally exclusive like the majority of PSVR to other platforms.

  • Tyriel

    does anybody own both oculus and vive like me and he is not able to open it? It is just crashing at start

  • David Gereau

    Even as a Rift owner, I almost feel bad for Bethesda. All of the Rift’s exclusives are hidden away in the Oculus store where they are protected from the swarm of negative reviews by Vive owners. Bethesda on the other hand has to face the Rift users’ wrath on steam, aka they can kiss any chance of a positive overall review score goodbye.

    That said, it’s idiotic for exclusives in what is already such a niche market, Oculus and Bethesda both need to get over themselves.

    • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

      I just took a quick at the negative reviews. Good majority seem to be from disappointed Vive users. As Rift owner, I still have the option to buy game and ask for a refund just to trash Bethesda in a negative review, but I just don’t care enough.

  • MowTin

    This sucks. This means they’ll do the same to Fallout 4 VR. Very disappointing. I’m baffled by the lack of smooth locomotion as an option.

  • 7kurisu

    gutted. i wanted to play this game so badly. at least it has no multiplayer, talk about splitting your playerbase/profits. oculus home needs to open its doors to the vive also. waiting for a community workaround so everyone can play the game. shame on you, zenimax

    • Ned Hoon

      Dont be too worried the game will only be relevant for a few months and something better will come along it always does.

  • SteamVR Beta Updated (1512101170)The SteamVR Beta has been updated with the following change.


    Added placeholder hidden area mesh for Rift users as a work around for Doom VFR and other titles experiencing launch issues.

    • Bob Smith

      It’s possible this means Zenimax DIDN’T intentionally block the game after all. We’ll see. Funny if I actually have the option but end up not exercising it because of the other remaining issues …

  • I thought something like this would happen. Also i’m still on the boycott Bethesda/ZeniMax bandwagon.

  • Tommy

    I’m over here just happy to be playing games in VR.
    The Vive is cool, the Rift is cool, and the PSVR is cool.
    You guys are starting to sound like fanboys and that’s the last thing we need between headsets right now.

    • Rotaryknight

      its the console war all over again but for vr devices, people supporting one and bashing the other are such freaking losers, actually let me rephrase that, the consumers who get caught up in this device exclusivity shit are the losers, the consumers that support one device over the other are encouraging these crap companies to continually divide the vr plaform. supporting your notion to justify your purchase is childish really.

      how about supporting the fucking vr platform and not the fucking devices

    • RFC_VR

      Yes. I go where the content is. I use whatever system I can get my hands on, whether bought, loaned or paid demos

      “Content is king” has never been more true than at the birth of consumer VR, each platform has its key applications

  • Bartholomew

    Gabe Newell on VR exclusives: “We don’t think exclusives are a good idea for consumers or developers”.
    But Valve/HTC Vive exclusives are a good idea, Gabe?

    HTC Vive owners: “Boycotts developers who made exclusives/timed exclusives”.
    Is that going to happen for this?

    how hypocritical…

    • Sure? it seems that Steam has patched steamvr in no time to avoid doom exclusivity

      Gabe is a software seller, obviously hates exclusive

    • Caven

      To be fair, neither Valve nor HTC paid to make DOOM VFR exclusive to the Vive.

      As for the whole boycott thing, that’s basically meaningless. You can’t really boycott a developer who makes something you’re unable to use anyway. And hey, how is a Vive owner not complaining about a Vive exclusive any different than a Rift owner not complaining about an Oculus exclusive? Going both ways, that stuff is just the usual fanboy crap.

  • Wrinkly

    Turns out it was just Gabe trolling us again, SteamVR beta seems to fix it.

  • DNACowboy

    Seems the issue has been fixed.

  • Jason Lovegren

    Rift User:
    I heard they just released a beta on Steam that makes it work.

    MY Concern:
    Not sure when it happen or why it happened, but Steam VR now performs poorly on my rift. (Not quite a judder, but you can tell the latency is off)

    My Suspicion: I believe for some reason Steam VR is syncing with my Monitors refresh rate instead of my headset. I tried and force my computer monitor to 75hz and it seemed to get better. Still not right though.

    What I’m hoping for: Someone with a Rift headset that is having the same issues with Steam VR performing badly, that by some miracle Doom VR run perfectly, oh God I hope. If any of you Rift users have a solution, please inform, this has been driving me nuts (Home platform plays perfect)

  • elev8d

    Update this article. It now works on the Rift if you update to the SteamVR beta branch.

  • Fernando Braun

    Hola, este juego funciona en oculus…Works in oculus!..Greetings.