‘Dragon Front’ Moves From Beta To Full Release – Studio Talks Plot, New Cards and New Faction

by Joe Durbin • November 16th, 2016

At Oculus Connect 3 in October High Voltage Studios announced an open beta for its competitive VR trading card game Dragon Front. Now, the studio is announcing that it is transitioning the title from beta to full release. The new update comes complete with new cards, new ways to play, and a brand new faction as well.

The first thing that representatives from the studio revealed concerns the game’s story. As a primarily online multiplayer experience, Dragon Front doesn’t necessarily need any sort of storyline, but High Voltage has provided one all the same:

“In Dragon Front, you play as a deity chosen to travel back in time to the moment of battle, not to prevent the war, but to win it. In this diesel-punk, high-fantasy world, each spell cast, minion summoned, and fortification built is rendered in a fully-immersive virtual reality battleground that has yet to be experienced in a collectible card game (CCG).”

In addition to a more fully fleshed out story, the full release of Dragon Front will include an all new playable class: Silence. We reached out to High Voltage and got the full scoop on the new cards and new strategies this new squadron brings to the battle.

UploadVR: What sort of new cards there will be (how many, what types etc.)?

HVS: silence_prop_adSilence is based around the concept of secret operatives during WWII and the ColdWar, mixed with elves, shadows and lizard-folk to appease the high fantasy aspect. What we get here are rogue saboteurs that specialize in poison, stealth and speed. There are 30 Aligned cards and 30 Unaligned cards, with the normal mix of 15 Basic cards.

UploadVR: How will the new cards effect the meta of the game?

HVS: Silence will change the meta in a few ways. It begins to add some of the more complex tactics and strategies such as the STEALTH and SWIFT keywords. Stealth conceals the deployed unit and its position until it attacks. This makes lane defense more difficult to anticipate. Swift is like First Strike, allowing the units with this keyword to attack before the opponent. Dealing damage without losing health is a huge win, forcing the opponents to add direct damage spells, as well as defending units with more health to ensure a retaliatory attack.

Silence also plays a bit more with forts, and we fully expect to see more fort play once Silence is released. There are units that gain power by destroying forts, and spells that let units warp through forts. Forts can also be used to “hunt” for units cloaked by Stealth. Lucky players can prematurely reveal a unit with Stealth if they attempt to spawn a fort on a concealed unit.


UploadVR: What sort of unique advantages does the new faction have?

HVS: Other than Stealth and Swift, Silence also has Poison and Hush. Poison is a simple damage over time effect distributed by units, spells and forts. Poison adds a timer to a unit’s effectiveness and forces action from players that tend to hunker down and play defensively. Hush removes all traits on a unit. This is a powerful ability, so it is used infrequently.

UploadVR: How regularly will we see new factions in the future?

HVS: As our players have pointed out, there are two more locks in our front end, where we display the faction masks. That could be a clue as to the number of total factions, but you never know! We appreciate how engaged our players are, so our plan is to release new content in the most sustainable way possible.

Dragon Front is available now for free with microtransactions on both Oculus Rift and Gear VR.


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