‘Dreadhalls’ And ‘Sisters’ Included In $15 9-Game ‘HeroCade’ Collection For PS VR

by David Jagneaux • December 15th, 2016

Two of VR’s scariest games, Dreadhalls and Sisters, are finally coming to PlayStation VR in the 9-game bundle collection, HeroCade. The package is being published by Lucid Sight, a development studio that’s responsible for seven of the nine games included in the collection.

Lucid Sight’s six existing titlesPolyRunner VR, 405 Road Rage, Zombie Strike, Space Bit Attack, Gumi No Yumi, and Alpha Turkey Hunt — are all included, as well as a brand new title the studio is creating specifically for this bundle, Jurassic Survival. Additionally, Dreadhalls from White Door Games and Sisters from Otherworld Interactive are included as well. The entire collection will only cost $15.

While the offering of a whopping seven games is significant on the part of Lucid Sight, as well as their organizing of the entire bundle, there’s no denying the fact that the standout titles in this collection are undoubtedly the two horror offerings in Dreadhalls and Sisters. Dreadhalls was an honorable mention at one of the Oculus VR Jams and won Best Sound Design at this year’s Proto Awards. Additionally, Sisters was featured as a 2016 New Frontier Selection at Sundance. They’re two of the best games VR has seen thus far, across multiple formats and platforms.

HeroCade will work as a hub experience that a player will launch and then access any of the nine games from within the world itself — similar to five-game setup of PlayStation VR Worlds. What’s surprising is that the entire bundle will not only be available for just 15 on PS VR as a digital download, but it’s also expected to only come in at roughly 4GB for everything. All of these games except for Jurassic Survival, are ports, but it’s still a notable collection at a great price.

With the inclusion of Dreadhalls and Sisters now, the PS VR is quickly becoming the go-to destination for quality VR horror experiences. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was one of the best launch titles, Here They Lie delivers on a haunting premise, Weeping Doll is short but harrowing, and the upcoming release of Resident Evil 7 next month will mark one of the biggest full titles the entire VR industry has seen thus far.

There is no definitive release date yet, but Lucid Sight is aiming for January 2017. You can find out more information at the official website.

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