A Dreams Dev Is Planning A Star Wars VR Level With This Awesome Lightsaber

by Jamie Feltham • February 4th, 2019

The question everyone asked has been answered; yes, you can make a lightsaber in Dreams. And you can wield it with a PlayStation Move controller too.

Reddit user magnumninja recently shared a look at his version of the iconic Star Wars sword. It was built in the ongoing creator beta for Dreams. The developer created a pretty solid green saber, but Move control allows you to wield it like Luke Skywalker himself. Crucially, magnumninja says this is the first step in plans to build out a Star Wars VR level.

The Dreams beta doesn’t have VR support, but it does allow everyone to get to grips with the tools. As far as we understand, VR levels will have to be built within VR itself. magnumninja is considering building out a first-person ‘Jedi Academy-like’ like level for PSVR. “Imagine going through Jedi training in first-person and having to block lasers from a Training Remote and learning how to use the force,” the developer wrote.

Imagine indeed.

Of course, we’re yet to see how strict moderation will be in Dreams. There’s a bunch of fan-made tributes out there already. I even played a pretty good demo in which you control R2-D2, so hopefully Disney will leave the game untouched.

That said, there are more official Star Wars VR experiences in the works. Star Wars: Vader Immortal is a multi-part series kicking off this year. It seems to offer its own kind of lightsaber combat, though there’s still much to learn about the experience.

Dreams is due out later this year. We’ve spent a lot of time inside the creator beta and we’re incredibly impressed with it.

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