E3 2018 – Firewall: Zero Hour Launching ‘Very Soon’ With Nine Maps

by David Jagneaux • June 10th, 2018

During a YouTube Live at E3 interview today, Geoff Keighley spoke to Adam Orth from First Contact about his studio’s big upcoming PSVR-exclusive shooter, Firewall: Zero Hour. Orth discussed the design inspirations for the game, how it played with both the PS Aim Controller and DualShock 4, as well as the game’s content.

Reportedly, Firewall will launch with a total of nine maps. We’ve only seen two during demo sessions (a house in a large field and a shipping warehouse) so we’re eager to find out what the remaining seven locations are like. Those nine maps will be spread across three geographical regions, ranging from the Soviet Union and Great Britain to the Middle East.

Additionally, there will be 12 different contractors to pick from that each have a wide range of abilities to level up and customize. Orth also alludes to “tons” of guns and gear customization options.

Finally, near the end of the interview, Keighley asks Orth when Firewall is releasing and after a pause, Orth simply replies “very soon” without adding more. Hopefully that means a release coming this summer. Or if we’re lucky, maybe it will launch this week during E3.

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