E3 2018: Leaked Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot Trailer Looks Promising

by Jamie Feltham • June 12th, 2018

One of the most exciting VR announcements of this year’s E3 was a new Wolfenstein game designed exclusively for headsets. We didn’t see gameplay at Bethesda’s press conference, but a supposedly leaked trailer does give us our first glimpse.

The footage, which isn’t in English, suggests that Cyberpilot will take place in Paris in 1980. Rather than playing as regular series protagonist BJ Blazkowicz, we’ll control a hacker that can apparently work his way into the mechanical enemies that Nazis use to occupy the French capital.

It looks like we’ll view action through a giant monitor that makes the player feel like they’re in the streets of Paris when really they’re safely nestled in a hideout. You can launch surprise attacks on unsuspecting enemies with a flamethrower. Overall it looks like a pretty interesting way to transition the series into VR naturally.

Cyberpilot is due for release on PSVR and PC VR headsets next year.

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