E3 2018: PlayStation Confirms Dreams Will Support PSVR Day One

by Jamie Feltham • June 13th, 2018

We just got our first officially official confirmation that Media Molecule’s Dreams is going to support PSVR from day one.

The PlayStation Access team, which is a part of Sony itself, confirmed as much in a hands-on video from this year’s E3. A few weeks back we heard as much from a third-party report, but this is the first time we’ve heard PlayStation itself confirm it.

The team also noted that VR support would include both “playing and creating”, meaning you can make entire games and assets inside the headset and then go through them too. Sadly we’re still not being shown the game running in PSVR at this year’s show, but it’s definitely exciting to hear it’s coming.

We’re very, very excited about Dreams’ PSVR support. In fact we said it could be the headset’s most important game so far, allowing an entire community to make their own VR experiences.

A beta for Dreams will be out this year. As for official launch, we’re not sure yet.

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