E3 2019: Disciples of Dawn Is A Dark Atmospheric Adventure, Primordian Is Leaving Early Access

by David Heaney • June 10th, 2019

Disciples of Dawn is the next VR game from Stonepunk Studios. It looks to be heavy on atmosphere and lore.

Stonepunk is keeping the details vague for now, but it’s set in a huge valley permanently shrouded in twilight by a mysterious presence. Below the surface is a maze of underground caverns and cities, with both known and hidden entrances on the surface.

The presence and its minions steal away the people of the land, pulling them underground to never be seen again.

On the highest peak of the land sits a monastery. It’s inhabited by a small group called the Disciples, the only people able to venture underground. That’s because to become a Disciple one must pass into the next life.


Stonepunk Studios is the studio behind Primordian, a tribal first person shooter with lush visuals and a full campaign.

We first went hands on with it back in early 2017 and were impressed with the start. When it was released to Early Access we called the polish being put into it “astonishing”, but noted the game’s many bugs.

The first content update in mid 2018 solved two of our main complaints with the game, greatly improving the combat mechanics and adding new enemies.

The second content update in September added new environments and enemies and a new weapon. The game currently sits at 77% positive reviews on Steam.

Primordian is getting its final content update soon. It will also be leaving early access, becoming a full released game.

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